Weight Watchers Fish Tacos

Try these delicious Weight Watchers fish tacos! Not only are they chock full of flavor and easy to make, but they also make a healthy choice for weight loss and are low on Weight Watchers points.

Plus, with just a few ingredients and 10 minutes of cook time, these tacos are sure to become a favorite on those busy nights!


– White Fish Fillets – Adobo Seasoning – Cumin – Tajin – Salsa Verde


1. In a small dish, combine all the seasonings.

2. Sprinkle the seasonings over the fish on both sides.

3. Either grill the fish for about 4 minutes on each side or bake it in a 400-degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

4. Break the fish up into chunks and distribute evenly on the corn tortillas.

5. Top with red slaw, salsa verde, and lime. Serve and enjoy!

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