Weight Watchers Green Bean Casserole Recipe

This delicious recipe is perfect for this season, and now it's just as good in a lighter version!

This Weight Watchers Green Bean Casserole is simple to make in minutes.


– Canned Green Beans – Onion – Garlic Powder – Worcestershire Sauce – Sugar


1. Pour out the green beans into a strainer to rid them of the liquid, then add them to an  8-inch Pyrex cooking dish. Set aside.

2. Cook the chopped onions on low-medium heat for 5 minutes to brown and cook to a slightly translucent finish while adding your sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder.

3. Add onions to your baking dish full of green beans and mix together.

4. Once the onions and green beans are mixed, add in your cream of mushroom soup and stir it in evenly.

5. Sprinkle your cheese on top of your dish. Place in the oven to cook for about 25–30 minutes.

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