Weight Watchers Potato Soup

This simple Weight Watchers potato soup is easy to make and perfect for weeknight dinners.


- chicken broth - potatoes - onion - garlic - cayenne pepper - cream cheese


Combine broth, potatoes, onion, and spices in large stock pot

Boil on medium heat until potatoes are tender

Is this a healthy tuna noodle casserole?

Smash a few of the potatoes to release their starch for thickening

The other great thing about this delicious soup is that it’s creamy, packed with flavor, and you can enjoy it on any of the three myWW programs with Weight Watchers.

Speaking of points, how many Freestyle Smart Points are in a serving of this WW tuna casserole?

This is a very simple recipe. As I mentioned, you can be done and ready to eat in about 30 minutes!

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