Weight Watchers Yogurt Popsicle With Pumpkin

Calling all pumpkin lovers! This Weight Watchers yogurt popsicle recipe uses canned pumpkin to make them the perfect treat all year long.


– 1 cup plain non fat Greek yogurt – 2 packets of Stevia – 1 teaspoon cinnamon – 1/2 cup pumpkin puree


1. Place yogurt into a bowl and mix well with Stevia. 2. In another bowl add cinnamon and pumpkin and stir well.


3. In a popsicle mold layer in yogurt then pumpkin then more yogurt and more pumpkin. 4. Freeze overnight. Once frozen, run the popsicle mold under warm water to make removing the mold easier.

Are these yogurt popsicles healthy?

Absolutely! There’s a couple of reasons for that actually! Pumpkin is very very healthy. It’s nutrient dense and loaded with fiber but pumpkin is low in calories so it’s great not just for Weight Watchers but all healthy lifestyle plans.

This recipe uses just four ingredients to make a tasty treat that everyone will love! My new favorite pumpkin spice popsicles are made with fat-free plain Greek yogurt, stevia, pumpkin, and cinnamon!

Which popsicle mold did you use to make these?

For this recipe I used a reusable popsicle mold that comes with sticks and the whole bit! It’s great for using over and over again and you can easily triple this recipe to fill the mold entirely popsicles!

PREP TIME 5 minutes FREEZE TIME 8 hours TOTAL TIME 8 hours 5 minutes