WW friendly Air Fry Chicken Tenders

Making a healthy chicken tenders recipe is easier and quicker than you think! These air fryer chicken tenders are done in a flash.

Chicken strips in the air fryer are crunchy, delicious, and so much healthier, give them a try today!


- Greek yogurt - Egg - Panko bread crumbs - Sweet paprika - Garlic powder - Salt


Whisk Greek yogurt and egg in a flat bowl.

Mix panko bread crumbs, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a separate flat bowl.

Dip tenders in the egg yogurt mix. Then coat completely with the panko breadcrumb mix. Place a few tenders in the lightly greased air fryer basket, in a single layer.

Air fry at 370 F for 14 minutes, flipping at the halfway mark (at 7 minutes).

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