WW Thanksgiving Sides

If you are looking for healthy and Weight Watchers-friendly side dish recipes to complete your Thanksgiving menu, you are at the right place!

These WW Thanksgiving sides are so delicious even those who are not on Weight Watchers will be impressed.

Cauliflower Stuffing

Try this cauliflower stuffing recipe for a low carb, Weight Watchers-friendly, gluten-free alternative.

Weight Watchers Green Bean Casserole

Here's a traditional green bean casserole side dish with a healthier twist. Low in Weight Watchers points too.

Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

This easy low carb turkey pot pie recipe is great for the whole family! Excellent for using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey too!

Using the air fryer to make healthy side dishes is easy and quick. These air fried Brussels sprouts are simple, delicious, and packed with nutrients.

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts

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