WW Tuna Pasta Salad

If you haven’t tried out any easy Weight Watchers tuna pasta salad recipes yet you have to give this one a go.

It’s easy, delicious, filling, and perfect for lunches, dinners, and even snacks.


- Zucchini - Yellow squash - Ground turkey - Onion - Tomato sauce - Green chilies


Pour the uncooked elbow macaroni into a pot and cook for around 9 minutes. While pasta is cooking, cut your tomatoes into 4 slices and arrange it onto a plate.

Once pasta is done cooking, drain it and cool it by running it under cold water. Drain it again, and scoop it all into a bowl where you will then toss in your tuna, and chopped basil.

Take a smaller separate bowl and mix together your balsamic vinegar, pepper, salt, and oil and then pour it over the pasta mixture.

Serve over the tomatoes and add a few cubes of monterey jack cheese and smaller whole basil leaves for garnish.

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