Weight Watchers Pumpkin Bars Recipe

Weight Watchers Pumpkin Bars Recipe is a post that contains affiliate links to products I think you will love! If you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission at no cost to you.    **This post has been redone as of April 29, 2019** I’ve updated this post to address some of the issues that people were having with the recipe. Please be sure to follow the recipe correctly! I can’t help you troubleshoot issues with the recipe if you make changes or alterations to ingredients or their amounts.  Autumn is coming and the craving for all things pumpkin is right around the corner. A decadent dessert that includes pumpkin spice is the perfect treat to enjoy. Our version of  Weight Watchers Pumpkin Bars Recipe offers decadent flavors all while keeping your Weight Watchers points in check. There is only 3 Weight Watchers Freestyle Smart Points in each serving! What is wonderful about our Weight Watchers Pumpkin Bar is that it serves well as a light and airy dessert or a nice treat to accompany a cup of coffee in the morning. It has the perfect amount of sweetness that it could be served as a muffin as well. Pumpkin puree is … Continue reading Weight Watchers Pumpkin Bars Recipe