What Causes Bladder Leaks?

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Have you ever wondered why you are lucky enough to have bladder leaks? Were you hesitant to ask your doctor or a friend why you have bladder leaks?

Women, we have to take charge of our bodies! Talking about our health struggles with other women or our doctors is important in raising awareness of women’s issues. Bladder leaks happen. Let’s keep the conversation going so we can all get the answers we need.

What causes bladder leaks?

What Causes Bladder Leaks?

What causes bladder leaks really isn’t a hard question to answer: Life causes bladder leaks. Just being a woman or a mom affects our health and well-being. Unfortunately, many causes of bladder leaks are out of our control.

Weight Gain – Being overweight isn’t fun. Many women struggle with weight gain, and therefore, bladder leaks. The stigma of your weight and the incidences of bladder leaks is embarrassing, so most women don’t talk about it.

Childbirth – You can suffer from bladder leakage if you have had a vaginal birth even some women who had a C-section can, too. The trauma of birth weakens the pelvic floor muscles, thus causing bladder control problems. The more children you deliver, the more likely you will experience urinary incontinence.

Menopause – Obviously the older you get, the more likely you will suffer from incontinence issues. The signs and symptoms of menopause can start in your forties and follow you until your fifties.

What causes bladder leaks?

Can you relate to any of these problems?

  • A sudden urge to use the bathroom
  • Getting out of bed several times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom
  • Embarrassing bladder leaks during physical activity, also known as stress incontinence
  • Leaks when you are coughing, laughing or sneezing
  • Having to wear bulky uncomfortable incontinence products to protect you from bladder leakage

Now you know what can cause those pesky bladder leaks, but what would you do if you didn’t have to worry about them ever again? What if you could ditch the pads and embarrassing bladder leakage mishaps? Wouldn’t that be amazing? I am here to tell you there is hope and a cure just for you. Yes, there is a cure for bladder leaks. You don’t have to suffer from urinary incontinence or overactive bladder any longer.

We know what causes bladder leaks. Now let’s talk about a cure.

ApexM cures incontinence by providing gentle muscle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscles. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a real cure for your bladder control problems. There won’t be pills to take or surgery. You won’t just be treating bladder leakage problems; you will solve them.  

What Causes Bladder Leaks?


ApexM utilizes science, physiology and common sense to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles quickly and efficiently. Using active resistance and gentle muscle stimulation, these devices exercise your pelvic floor muscles, even atrophied muscles, correctly and effectively.

Strong pelvic floor muscles stop bladder leakage and dramatically enhance intimacy. Don’t waste time doing exercises that don’t work. ApexM will strengthen your muscles with today’s technology.

It’s time to stop spending money on pads, medications and quick fixes that don’t solve your bladder leakage problems. Use ApexM and be ready to run, jump, laugh or sneeze while staying dry.

What Causes Bladder Leaks?
Use the custom-fit ApexM for approximately 10 minutes at a time for six days per week. You will begin to notice a gradual improvement in your symptoms over time. It’s a simple painless treatment. You don’t need to take pills or have surgery. In clinical trials ApexM had a 90 percent success rate. Thousands of women like you have regained their freedom from bladder leaks and are living a better life. ApexM is made in the USA and available without prescription through their website.

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