4 Signs You Need New Tires

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club . All opinions are 100% mine.

After raising three kids and at one time having five drivers under one roof, we have done our share of buying new tires. Thankfully, my husband and my two sons (and even our daughter) know how to maintain a vehicle and do simple car maintenance We save a lot of time and money doing our own oil changes, tire purchasing, and car repair. Making sure your kids know how to determine if they need new tires will keep them safe as they leave home and have to use their own judgement on car maintenance issues.

4 Signs You Need New Tires

4 Signs You Need New Tires

Making sure your tires are in tip top condition all year long is important, but you need to pay special attention when it comes to winter weather driving. Driving in bad weather is hard enough and not having good tires on your car could be disastrous. If you are ever in doubt about tire conditions visit your local Sam’s Club for a tire inspection. #DareToCompare

  1. Vibrations – Some time a vibration while your driving is easy to dismiss. We may think it’s road conditions or other car problems. When you feel a vibration there’s a good chance you have a tire with a broken belt or you need a wheel alignment to prevent further tire wear.
  2. Bulges – Be sure to examine your tires before you head out on the road. Winter weather means pot holes and extreme temperature changes which can affect your tires quickly.
  3. Tread Wear – Most new tires have their own  wear bars: bits of rubber woven into the pattern at a specific depth so you can easily see wear. If you are unsure, the tried and true penny test is another way to check tread wear: Place a penny into the tread, with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If you can still see the crown of his head, your tire tread is too low.
  4. Checking or Cracking – If you notice a crack anywhere on the sidewall of a tire, you definitely need new tires.

Don’t take a chance head in to Sam’s Club and take advantage of the #DareToCompare all-in tire savings and tire installation package.*

 When purchasing members with buy new tires at Sam’s Club the can take advantage of the  following benefits and services for as long as they remain an active member of Sam’s Club:

  • Tire Mounting
  • Tire Lifetime Balancing
  • Tire Lifetime Rotation
  • A Value Stem
  • No Charge Tire Lifetime Flat Repair
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service

* Complete terms and conditions of all Sam’s Club warranties and services can be obtained at any Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center location

Don’t forge the “Dare to Compare” price matching available at Sam’s Club when you buy new tires. 


Bring a valid “all-in” quote from a tire sales and installation retailer to your Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center service counter. The quote must be printed on dealer/retailer letterhead and dated within the past 7 business days.
The tire must be the same brand, same line, same load index and speed rating (service description) as the tire intended for purchase at Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club carries some club-specific tire lines – in these cases, Sam’s Club will compare the club-specific tire line to the equivalent general-market tire line.

Sam’s Club considers the following tire lines to be equivalent and will price match accordingly:

Club-Specific Tire Model

General-Market Tire Model

BFGoodrich Touring T/A

BFGoodrich Advantage T/A

Michelin Defender XT

Michelin Defender

Michelin X Radial LT2

Michelin LTX M/S2

Most of us have already started our winter driving season, but it’s never too late to take advantage of these great offers and get new tires. #DareToCompare

When was the last time you bought new tires? Be sure to check them today!

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  • Reply
    February 16, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    These are useful and helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    Tyler Meredith
    March 7, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    I like what this article mentions about tread wear, and how it can be a sign of bad tires. I have noticed that one of my tires has worn down a lot more than the other. I think it could be time for an alignment and new tires. Thanks for the post!

  • Reply
    Nash Rich
    April 1, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    I’ve never thought about vibrations being a sign you need new tires, though, it does make sense. My car vibrates so much that I don’t know if I could be able to tell if it was the tires or something else! These are some good things to look out for. Either way, I think I’m going to need new ones within the next two years or so. Thanks!

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