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What to Do When You Run Out of Toilet Paper

Right now we are having a toilet paper hoarding problem in the United States. People are clearing shelves and the demand is outweighing the supply. But no fear, here are a few tips on what to do when you run out of toilet paper.

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This post contains links to products that I earn a commission on sales.

You Will Survive the TP Shortage

Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t think twice about running out of toilet paper. There are even people that never buy or use toilet paper. Other cultures and countries rely on water for cleansing instead of toilet paper

As Americans, many of us are privileged to have the money to buy toilet paper. and take it for granted. Unfortunately, those living in poverty in America probably have had to use TP alternatives due to a lack of funds or access.

Here are a few toilet Paper Replacement Ideas

Reusable Wipes – if you ever cloth diapered this probably isn’t a shocker. You make reusable wipes from cloth diapers, pure cotton or flannel. You rinse and store in a bucket and wash as needed. Be sure not to flush the cloths, that would be a plumbing nightmare. You can purchase reusable cloths, too

Shower – If the toilet paper roll is empty you can just jump in the shower, wash and rinse off your body parts. Easy peasy.

Bidet Toilet Seat – Some may consider a bidet a luxury, but this is the norm in many European Countries. They make them from simple to luxurious. There are even bidet toilet seats that light up, heat up or have remote controls.

Squirt Bottle – Anyone who’s delivered a baby or had any kind of surgery near your perineum or anus probably knows toilet paper can be a cruel thing. A squirt bottle with warm water can take the place of rough paper near your private parts. You can find these in the kitchen products in a dollar store.

Sprayer System – If you aren’t ready to go full bidet toilet seat you can try a bathroom spray system. This reminds me of a kitchen sink sprayer. I am sure you get the picture.

Tissue – Obviously a box of tissues can easily replace a roll of toilet paper. Toilet tissue is actually another name used for your favorite rolls of TP.

Sitz Bath – Again a cheaper version of a bidet that you have to prepare before you sit on the toilet. 32 years ago a sitz bath was the best relief and cleansing to a postpartum bottom.

If you are really desperate for toilet paper

Paper – Hey you have to find some use for all of that junk mail your getting! No joke, there’s lots of thin paper you can use if you really need too. Sale flyers, catalogs, envelopes, newspaper inserts, and even the comics.

Paper Towels – I swear some of the paper towels out there are thinner than toilet paper. Just remember to have a good trash can handy. You wouldn’t want to flush and clog up the pipes.

Mismatched Socks – If you don’t feel like cutting and sewing reusable cloths, you can always find a secondary use for those mismatched socks you’ve been harboring. They’ll definitely fit your hand like a glove.

Just be sure you aren’t flushing things that could clog your public water or septic system. If you have a septic system that is going to be used more now that the whole family is home, use a good Septic Tank Cleaner.

Last resort toilet paper Replacements

Of course, if you are ever in the woods or in a state of desperation when you run out of toilet paper, here are a few ideas that I’d definitely consider as last-ditch alternatives.

Leaves – If you were ever a scout you’ve probably learned what kind of leaves are a friendly alternative to toilet paper. Just be sure you don’t’ pick up something that’s poisonous. Being out of toilet paper will quickly become the least of your worries.

Corn Husks – This one is a very questionable suggestion. All I can think of is how dry and painful this would probably be. Even green husks are sharp and pointy. I’d definitely pick this as my last choice.

Whether its a pandemic, snowstorm, natural disaster or a supply and demand issue, toilet paper alternatives can be found. What are you doing to prepare if you run out of toilet paper?

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