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Perimenopause Symptoms and Survival Tips

Menopause, perimenopause, these words are a blessing and a curse! I used to think I was looking forward to Menopause, but now with the onset of perimenopause symptoms and all the not so fun effects that come along with it, maybe I am changing my mind. I am definitely looking forward to the time I don’t have to deal with my period, but don’t like the idea of everything I have to go through to get there. The whole scenario reminds me of a saying my pastor has about dying. He always says, “I’m not afraid of dying, it’s the getting dead part that scares me.” That’s how I am looking at menopause. “I’m not afraid of menopause, it’s the getting there that scares me!”Every woman’s body reacts to hormonal changes differently. Some women may start experiencing symptoms of perimenopause as early as their thirties and some women may not get any symptoms or ill effects, ever. (I definitely envy those ladies!)

Most women experiencing perimenopause will most likely be noticing one or more symptoms. I have been having trouble sleeping, fatigue, mood swings, light bladder leakage, and irregular periods. Other symptoms you may experience during perimenopause include; Breast tenderness, Increased PMS symptoms, Vaginal dryness; discomfort during sex and the urge to urinate more frequently. Sounds like a barrel of fun? NOT! All of these symptoms can come and go on a whim, so a girls go to be prepared. I never thought I’d be dragging a “diaper bag” around again, before I had grand kids. But alas, I put together this “Survival Kit” that I keep in my car and take it to my job outside the home. You can never be too prepared for mishaps and oops moments. (Yes, I was a Girl Scout, just in case you are wondering.)

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Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

Just like our bodies and hormones are all different, our perimenopause symptoms will be just as different for each of us. First things first. You of course will want to be prepared for the perimenopause symptoms you are dealing with. If you want to carry any kind of “survival kit” you need a cute bag. Because no matter how crappy you may feel a cute bag will always make you feel better!

Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

I use this cute little zipper bag, that easily fits in my purse, gym bag or even my suit case. Since every “survival kit” will be unique to your perimenopause symptoms, of course yours may not look exactly like mine, but hopefully my suggestions can help you, too.

The # 1 thing I always have  in my bag is a change of underwear. No one want to be on the road, at a job or shopping and have an oops moment that you are not prepared for. Fresh underwear can be a lifesaver for those times when your period starts unexpectedly or that light bladder leakage happens at the most inconvenient moment. Light Bladder Leakage Won’t Slow Me Down!

Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

Along with that change of underwear you will want a fresh pad and a way to freshen up. I have an assortment of feminine products, because my bodily functions can definitely change from one hour to the next.

Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

A supply of Cottonelle® Flushable Cleaning Cloths with CleanRipple® Texture will be a lifesaver when you have an unexpected accident or just need to clean up those pesky problem areas on your body. Ibuprofen is always on hand for those nasty PMS symptoms and occasional migraines that hit me out of the blue.

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Perimenopause Symptoms Survival Kit

Perimenopause symptoms are just the stepping stone into the next stage of womanhood. With a bit of humor and lots of chocolate I am sure we will all survive, even on the days we think we won’t.

Are you experiencing any perimenopause symptoms?

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