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20 Perfect Potato Salad Recipes

This list has 20 different potato salad recipes from some great bloggers. Check them out and let me know which potato salad recipe is your favorite.

There is just something about good homemade potato salad that I cannot resist. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be homemade. I can go to the store deli and eat their potato salad, too. I think it’s because I have always enjoyed the blend of mayo and mustard.

To me the perfect potato salad has just the right amount of dressing and a lot of dill. I guess I didn’t know that there were so many variations of potato salad recipes out there.

20 Perfect Potato Salad Recipes:

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  1. Do you have the potato salad recipe with blue cheese in it?? Thank you!

  2. I could eat potato salad at every meal. Its just one of those things I love.