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DIY Refrigerator Mats

Cleaning refrigerator mats is definitely not one of my favorite things to do! I’d rather be reading a book or spending time outside. When it comes to cleaning the refrigerator, I’m pretty sure I’d rather clean anything else in the house, even the toilet!{Seriously, I despise that darn refrigerator!}

It never fails when something spills I am always the one to find it. Last week, it was a quart jar of pickles. It tipped over on the top shelf and the juice ran down all 3 shelves and pooled in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator shelves are a whole other blog post, who in the world decided it was a good idea to put heavy glass shelves that need to be cleaned frequently in a refrigerator?? There has to be an easier way to get this darn refrigerator to stay clean.

DIY Refrigerator Mats

It was ineveitable I needed to get to work cleaning up pickle juice and other unmentionable dirty refrigerator stuff. As I lugged those heavy glass shelves in and out, I remembered a few months back I had seen someone selling refrigerator mats. Mats that overlay your shelves and can be wiped clean of spills and yuk! If there is a way to save time and do less cleaning , I am all for it!

diy refrigerator placemats

Even though I am very “uncrafty” I was sure DIY Refrigerator Mats was something even I could handle. All you need is plastic place mats and a pair of scissors. You may need a tape measure or paper to make a template. I couldn’t find a darn tape measure, so I used paper templates to measure my refrigerator mats.


I have been putting this project off for a few weeks, okay maybe months. I happened to have a large supply of plastic place mats on hand, from clearance last summer. They are so pretty and I seriously, I was just waiting for the perfect project to pop up so I could put these beauties to good use. These Refrigerator Mats are going to make my refrigerator the envy of the neighborhood!

refrigerator mats

Once you have tackled that bacteria and have the refrigerator sparkling clean, it’s time to cut your mats. Actually in my refrigerator, I put two place mats beside each other and they fit perfectly on my shelves. They overlap slightly, but I chose not to cut them and they are working out just fine. Remember, I like to save time!


I did have to break down and actually have to cut the place mats I used for my door shelves, produce drawers and lunch meat drawer. I couldn’t find the tape measure, so I cut pieces of freezer paper for templates to prevent waste. I am sure your house isn’t as chaotic as mine and you’ll find a tape measure. Measure each section you want to cover and cut accordingly.

The DIY Refrigerator Mats turned out better than I expected. I am looking forward to wiping up spills easily and when I do have to clean the refrigerator, hopefully the Refrigerator Mats will mean less cleaning time. Less time cleaning means more time for reading!

finished refrigerator

Here’s a shot of the now clean and full refrigerator. Look at all that stuff! How in the heck can these college aged kids open the refrigerator door and say we have nothing to eat?? Ahh, I bet they are only opening the door so they can see these awesome DIY Refrigerator Mats. (They probably won’t believe I made them!)

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DIY Refrigerator mats final

How do you save time when doing cleaning tasks?

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