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5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

One of the best things about living in a small town are the neighbors! You should find ways to thank your neighbors.

Our neighborhood is mostly farm land, but just a few minutes away you will find some of our closest friends. People we trust, support and honor whenever we can.

My small town has been the best place for my husband and I to raise our children and plant our roots. Now, that the kids are grown, the thought of moving sometimes crosses my mind, but then I stop and think about my amazing neighbors. I can call them any time, day or night for assistance. They feed the cat and check the mail when we are out of town.

The neighbors are eager to help during winter storms and massive rains. They call to see if I need anything from the grocery store when they are out. I am abundantly blessed by their garden surplus or just a visit to chat over hot tea or cold drinks. I couldn’t leave right now, I’d miss my small town family.

Of course I thank our neighbors for what they do for us, but maybe I could do a little more? Show my appreciation in another way that has a lot of meaning behind it. Are you are looking for more ways to thank your neighbors? I have a few simple ideas that will brighten your neighbors day and go a long way in showing your true appreciation.

5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

Write a Thank You Note:

A handwritten note or letter is such a touching sentiment. I am horrible at keeping up with holiday special occasions cards. Thank you cards are a great coverall.

Gift a Meal:

A few of my neighbors just need a break They have been going through some medical issues and a night out at a nice restaurant is just what they need to brighten their spirits. Even a homemade meal or dessert will show how much you care.

5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

Offer Help:

Sometimes people will need help with things, but have trouble asking. You can thank your neighbors just by verbalizing that you know they are struggling and offer your assistance.  A few simple gestures will make a big difference.

Open Your Home:

Nothing says thank you like a good old fashioned BBQ or meal. Opening your home as a way to thank your neighbors is a true show of support and appreciation. It doesn’t have to be fancy (unless you want it to be). It can be a tea party, cookout, campfire, potluck or anything fun! Game night is one of our favorite neighborhood events!

5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

Be A Good Neighbor: The easiest way to thank your neighbor is to be the kind of neighbor you would want in your small town.  Be kind, listen and don’t judge too quickly.

You never know what someone may be going through in private that may affect their attitude. You can offer a smile or a shoulder to cry on and it won’t cost you a thing.

5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

I am proud to live in a small rural community full of neighbors I call friends!

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  1. These are such great ideas. Receiving even the smallest thing like a thank you card can change someone’s whole day for the better.

  2. Lovely ideas. It’snice to know that there is someone nearby to call on for social and emergency calls. 😉

  3. I hate that the art of thank you notes seems to be dying out. It can be such a personalized way of thanking someone.

  4. I thanked my neighbor with $20 and some Coca Cola and bottled Perrier!!