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30 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make


Looking to make some great family memories?? Here are some Christmas Crafts for Kids to make!

30 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make

30 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make: 

  1. Christmas Wreath Craft
  2. Candy Cane Hearts
  3. Rag Wreath Ornaments
  4. Reindeer Drink Stirrers
  5. Marshmallow Snowman Craft
  6. Old Christmas Card Collage Craft
  7. Homemade Christmas Santa Claus Ornaments 
  8. Candy Cane Ornament 
  9. Christmas Ornament Craft
  10. DIY Snowman Cups
  11. Gingerbread Christmas Houses
  12. Christmas Elf
  13. Christmas Gift Boxes From Oatmeal Boxes
  14. Inexpensive DIY Ornaments
  15. DIY “Mistletoes” Baby Footprint Christmas Craft
  16. Sock Snowman Craft
  17. Simple Christmas Craft
  18. Simple Candy Cane Reindeer
  19. Recycled Magazine Christmas Wreath
  20. Candy Cane Cookie Ornaments
  21. Family Face Ornaments
  22. Christmas Printing Practice Sheets
  23. 3 Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments
  24. Candy Cane Chenille Reindeer
  25. DIY Snowglobe
  26. Plywood Ornaments
  27. Christmas Felt Handprint Wreath
  28.  Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament
  29. Yarn Dolls
  30. Fruit Candy Cane

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  1. My kids love to do holiday crafts. Thanks for sharing all these fun ideas at the #HomeMattersParty and We hope you’ll link up again with us on Friday!

  2. Thanks for including my Christmas wreath craft. We made these last year and put them up on everyone’s bedroom doors again this holiday season :)]

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution