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Dutch Oven Campfire Cooking Essentials

Dutch Oven Campfire Cooking Essentials

Dutch Oven Campfire Cooking is one of our favorite hobbies! We haven’t been doing a lot of camping trips, but backyard campfires are always available.

Campfire cooking essentials will make sure you are prepared for any camping cookout throw down.

We love cooking in our cast iron dutch oven and with these dutch oven campfire cooking essentials  you can love cooking with yours as well! We keep these items in our camping stash to make sure we are always prepared for good campfire cooking feast.

Cooking in a dutch oven can yield some awesome and scrumptious results. The best way to get amazing results when cooking in a dutch oven is by having the right tools on hand! This is our Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials list. This list includes all the items we think you could benefit from having on hand.

Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials can be found in various places but this list includes links from amazon so you can find all your necessary tools in one place! We love cooking in our dutch oven and with these dutch oven cooking essentials you can love cooking with yours as well!

Lid Lifter
Never under estimate how HOT things are going to get while cooking with your dutch oven. A simple oven mitt is not going to do the trick when you are dealing with burning hot coals covering the lid on your dutch oven. We’re starting our Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials list off with this Lid Lifter because it will help you keep your cool while cooking with your dutch oven!

Lid Stand
In keeping with our lid theme you might also consider this awesome lid stand for your dutch oven. You are probably familiar with the struggle that comes after lifting up that scalding hot lid…Where to put it!

You don’t want to sit it on the ground in case you need to continue cooking (yuck, don’t want dirt in the food) and if you put it on a table or chair it can cause some pretty serious heat damage! Try out this lid stand to avoid the struggle of where to put that hot and heavy lid!!

Disposable Liners
I believe that part of the fun of cooking with the dutch oven is getting that awesome cast iron crunch on the outer edge but sometimes the cleanup and prep time can be too much and instead of not using our dutch oven we use these awesome dutch oven pan liners.

We are including them on our Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials list because they will help you be able to use your dutch oven more often without all the hassle of prep and cleanup!! These liners can also enable you to use your dutch oven for a variety of other recipe types!

Dutch Oven Heat Guard Gloves
These dutch oven heat guard gloves have made our dutch oven cooking essentials list for a pretty obvious reason…there is nothing worse than burns. Safety is important in all things but especially when dealing with heat and cooking! These gloves are great for protecting your hands and forearms when cooking with your dutch oven!

Storage / Carry Bag
Anyone who has ever cooked with a dutch oven knows that they are not the lightest or most easy to maneuver. Most dutch ovens are heavy and bulky. This carrying bag makes them easier to transport (especially when camping or traveling) and also provides a safe space to store your dutch oven when it is not in use (yay, no additional cleanings).

This carrying and storage bag will fit most ovens but you should check dimensions to be sure it will fit your particular model!!

Using this Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron meat rack or trivet with your dutch oven can help enable you to use your dutch oven for all types of cooking!

This trivet, in particular, is great because it brings the item that is cooking up off the bottom of the dutch oven so that it does not get burnt on the bottom before it is done cooking! This trivet made our dutch oven cooking essentials list because it will help make your dutch oven more versatile with very little effort or cost!!

Cleaning & Seasoning Supplies
Before we could think of ending a Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials list we have to cover some seasoning and cleaning supplies! You can never have enough cast iron oil on hand if you are an avid dutch oven chef!  

Another great item that you should consider having on hand is scrapers or a chain mail cast iron cleaning sheet. Keeping a good sturdy brush like this on hand can also help keep your dutch oven spotless and ready for use!

Do you have a dutch oven at home? Do you use it at home or just when camping? What is your favorite campfire cooking recipe?

Dutch Oven Cooking Essentials
Cast Iron Oil
Cast Iron Cleaning Brush
Chain Mail Cleaning Square
Scraping / Cleaning Tools
Cast Iron Safe Heat Resistant Gloves
Dutch Oven Carrying / Storage Bag
Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven Meat Trivet
Dutch Oven Pan Liners
Dutch Oven Lid Stand
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

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  1. Wow, this brings back such great memories of camping when I was a kid!

  2. I love dutch ovens, I don’t own one but I want one, it looks like a big cauldron and that appeals to the wtch in me 🙂 These look so fun!

  3. Kim~madeinaday says:

    I like the liners! No mess to try to clean.Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday!Pinned! Have a great week!