100 Weight Watchers SmartPoints Casseroles

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Weight Watchers SmartPoints Casseroles are a great and easy way to feed your entire family without guilt. You can make one of these delicious meals for dinner, and know that you won’t be slaving over the stove for hours, or that you have to cook multiple meals to please your family.


100 WW SmartPoints Casseroles can make your meal plans easy!




Are these Weight Watchers Freestyle casseroles? 

No, not all of these are going to be Freestyle Smart Points. Some of these posts may have been updated by their creator to include Freestyle information but this post was put together back when Smart Points were the main program focus. 

Since Weight Watchers has changed their program guidelines some of these casseroles my have changed point values. The good news is that when they went to the Freestyle program many items became free or zero points but nothing gained value. That means that if these casseroles have changed in point value it should be less than what it was on the original Smart Points plan. 

I recommend the Weight Watchers online recipe creator for figuring out points as well as their WW app which is handy for life on the go and getting quick point values for any kind of food, product brand, and snack imaginable. 

100 Weight Watchers SmartPoints Casseroles

12 SmartPoints Per Serving:

11 SmartPoints Per Serving:

10 SmartPoints Per Serving:

9 SmartPoints Per Serving:

This is my favorite casserole set to use when putting Smartpoints casseroles in the freezer for the month. Order your set and start saving money and calories, today!

Pyrex Easy Grab 8-Piece Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Set


8 SmartPoints Per Serving:

7 SmartPoints Per Serving:

Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes (Weight Watchers Cooking)Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes (Weight Watchers Cooking)


6 SmartPoints Per Serving:

5 SmartPoints Per Serving:

4 SmartPoints Per Serving:

3 SmartPoints Per Serving:

2 SmartPoints Per Serving:

1 SmartPoints Per Serving:

Create a delicious meal plan with this list of Weight Watchers SmartPoints casseroles. Which SmartPoints Casserole will you be trying first?

Looking for more great Weight Watchers posts?

There’s more to my Weight Watchers resources than just casseroles! Take a look at some of these other great posts for inspiration, help along the way, and amazing recipes to keep you focused and on track. 

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    Wonderful recipes for the whole family. I find d it so hard cooking separate meal as my husband is as skinny as a rack and l have to watch everything l eat! Including watching him eat all the treats besides a meal…..ty very much for all the great ideas!! Would love to copy them all down would you be kind enough to e-mail them to me please.

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