Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Smart Points

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Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Smart Points. Breakfasts that will start your day off on the right foot! Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Smart Points

Here are some great Weight Watchers breakfast ideas under 5 Smart Points each for you to easily fit into your diet.  There are so many amazing choices for breakfast, and these are perfect since they bring you the energy and fuel you need for the day ahead of you.  Smart Points is the latest way to figure your daily points allowance with Weight Watchers and is meant to focus strictly on better nutrient-dense food, lean protein and healthy fats.  In prior Weight Watchers plans, while the focus was on these things, the way points were figured allowed you to easily fit not so great foods into your diet with low point values.  The new plan figures in things like saturated fats and sugars and reflects poor choices with higher points values.  This means it is teaching you better nutrition in the process of working to lose weight.

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Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Smart Points

  • Egg white omelet.  Two egg whites with tons of fresh vegetables cooked in a non-stick pan is still under 5 Smart Points.  Eggs provide you with high protein and moderate fats that will fuel your body easily.  You will also fill up on fiber rich vegetables which make this breakfast last longer.
  • Greek Yogurt and fresh fruit.  Everyone loves the combination of Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, but if you leave the granola off and make sure you are eating unsweetened plain Greek yogurt you’ll be able to easily slide in under 5 Smart Points.  If you must sweeten with something other than the fruit you mix in, add just a small drizzle of honey.
  • Toast with fresh fruit.  Skip the butter and spread a small amount of unsweetened or fruit sweetened jam on your toast.  Add fresh fruit that is zero points and you have a nice simple breakfast.
  • Half A Whole Wheat Bagel with Non-Fat Cream Cheese and fresh fruit.  Most standard sized bagels are truly too large for one meal.  Grab the non-fat cream cheese and use a small amount on only ½ a bagel.  This will typically fall in under 5 Smart Points (depends on bagel brand so read packages).  Fresh fruit is free so it rounds out the meal nicely.
  • 1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal with fresh fruit.  A 1 cup portion of classic cooked oatmeal without sweeteners falls just at 5 Smart Points.  However, you can eat a smaller portion and add in a bit of sweetener like honey or some milk for creaminess.
  • Skim milk, honey and fresh fruit or dried fruit are great additions to your oatmeal that don’t sacrifice a ton of points.  Fresh fruit is always the best choice for zero points.

As you begin your day with a Weight Watchers breakfast idea like something listed above, focus on giving your body the fuel it needs.  Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal take longer to process and last longer.  Lean protein like egg whites are excellent for brain health and fuel. High fiber fresh fruits fill you up without using tons of points, and have great nutrition your body needs.  Make wise choices to keep your points values low and your body fueled.

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Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Smart Points

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    i love these under 5 smart points. sensational dining

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    I can surely use these recipes right now. I have got in a bad habit of eating unhealthy and am suffering for it.

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    I usually do the oatmeal/fruit but great to know all the options!

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    Oatmeal is my usual go to breakfast but these are great ideas -thank you for sharing with Pin worthy Wednesday

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    Massive fan of Greek yoghurt. It took a while for me to get used to the taste as I was so used to sweetened yoghurt but it goes with everything! #lifelovinglinky

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    Looks good. I usually do fruit and nuts with oatmeal. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

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    Looking for low point vegan breakfast.

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