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How to Calculate Weight Watchers Smart Points

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We want to help you be able to calculate Weight Watchers Smart Points easily so all of your favorite recipes are still on your menu plan.  The recent introduction of the Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale program is a wonderful change to their formula. 

While in the past we have been able to share with you how to do Weight Watchers for free, this program is something you’ll need to sign up for to get all of the vital information you need to succeed.  However, once you’ve signed up with the program you will still need some help converting old recipes.  We have some simple tips to make this easier.

How To Calculate Weight Watchers Smart Points

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How To Calculate Weight Watchers Smart Points

First off, you want to make some simple changes in your diet to reflect the goal of the Beyond The Scale Smart Points system. The Smart Points system now calculates points differently than before.  Instead of just looking at a few things, they are now focusing on things like saturated fats and sugars.  This means that while previously you were able to eat a small honeybun for only 2 Points Plus, you would now be calculating that same item for 6 points instead.  The difference is to bring awareness to your food choices.

With Smart Points you will receive a more personalized weekly flex point balance, and a larger than normal daily balance.  The minimum daily points allowance is now 30 points instead of 26.  So the changes are reflected accordingly, but are still enough to make you rethink reaching for that donut instead of the fresh fruit.

How to calculate Weight Watchers points:  We have been using this same online calculator for several years.  It is simple, easy and now reflects Classic, Points Plus and Smart Points for any recipe.  You will need specific nutrition information to figure each type of point.  Most noted on Smart Points is the addition of calories, saturated fats and sugars.
Weight Watchers Smart Points Calculator

How to calculate recipe nutrition:  Not all recipe calculators include the information you need.  The best thorough calorie and nutrition calculator is found at Calorie Count.  You can input almost any ingredient into the recipe analyzer and it comes back with your full nutrition information for the entire recipe.  You can then put those numbers into the Calculator Cat tool above and find out the total points per recipe.  Divide that number by servings and you have your Smart Points value for literally any recipe you create or use.
Recipe Analysis – Nutrition Finder

If you are still using the Flex Points system, take a look at this post.

How To Use Weight Watchers Flex Points

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Johanna I Jonker

Sunday 17th of March 2019

How do you calculate smart points on vitamins? No info. on bottles.


Friday 11th of May 2018

On the Freestyle program you are allowed to carry 4 unused points to the next day ONLY. Leftover points from one week, however, DO NOT carry over to the following week.

Michele Shaules

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

I am doing the WW Freestyle and having really good luck with it. The way that I have been doing it is, whenever I don't see a point total for the Freestyle I just use the points assigned for the WW Smart Points. Is this how you are supposed to do it? It is working for me but would like to be doing it the right way if I am not. Thanks for your help.

Jessica Johansson

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

How do I calculate my new daily flexpoints at Weighwatcher?

Michele Brosius

Saturday 14th of April 2018

Hello Jessica. Thanks for stopping by. I really don't know anything about the flexpoints program. Freestyle is US based that I know.


Sunday 31st of December 2017

I just joined online and they calculated my daily smart points to 23. What’s up with the minimum 30?

Michele Brosius

Monday 1st of January 2018

This post isn’t for the new freestyle system. We just posted a new post this week with the freestyle updates. 23 is now the new points because of chicken, seafood, beans, corn, peas, and many other foods now being zero points. Thanks for stopping by.

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