One of the best things about Weight Watchers is its flexibility, and knowing How To Use Weight Watchers Flex Points is a great way to have success in your journey.  If you have check out our post on how to get started with Weight Watchers for free, you have likely already learned how many points you are allowed each day.  Along with your daily allowance, everyone is given 49 flex points or bonus points each week.  How you use those is up to you, but we have some tips that we feel will help you benefit the most.

How To Use Weight Watchers Flex Points


Remember that the fewer flex points you use each week, the lower your calorie consumption will be.  For some, staying on the lower end is needed to get your weight to drop and metabolism going.  For others, it may be more beneficial to eat at the higher end of the weekly allotted points.  Try it both ways  to see what works best for you.

Use them for good fats.  There are tons of great fats that are beneficial to your health, but are avoided due to calories.  As you are making healthier choices in your meals each day, use a few of your flex points each week to add in a boost of flavor, texture and healthy fat to your meals.

Add in items like:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts or seeds
  • Black Olives
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil

Add an extra small meal or snack each day.  Some people find it really difficult to avoid the munchies.  Breaking up your points into 3 moderate sized meals and 2 hearty snacks can help significantly.  Have yogurt with granola, a hard boiled egg, a cup of vegetables and some Greek yogurt ranch dip, a cup of oatmeal or other heartier snacks that will stick with you for longer and satisfy your cravings.

Feed your cravings.  Use your flex points to allow yourself one craving or treat every few days.  Things like your favorite dark chocolate square, or even a full fat piece of cheese.  Remember this isn’t a chance to eat anything you want, but a chance to make wise choices in moderation.

Our tips for how to use Weight Watchers flex points are just a simple suggestion.  Our suggestions have proven to give us the best results in our own experiences.  Remember that splurges every now and then are okay, but making them a habit is not.  Don’t use all of your daily points, or flex points on just one meal.  Spread them out wisely and use them to your benefit.  As you work to improve your health, focus on feeding your body for it’s needs and not just for what tastes or feels good.

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  1. Some really good information here! I
    “Had” done WW flexpoints for about 12 yrs, I’ve lost over 76 lbs. Now I’ve slacked on my way of eating, thinking I can always refresh my memory with my kit. I should have known better then to lend it out. But thinking…. it is my best friend and shouldn’t be a problem right, wrong!! I told her I needed it back only for her to tell me she doesnt know where it is! So now for the last 2 + years I’ve been searching for another one with no luck.

  2. How many freestyle points am I allowed

  3. Very interesting! I believe I could learn a lot from you!!
    I’ve lost 25 lbs and at a stand still.