20 Red Velvet Recipes

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20 Red Velvet Recipes

I love red velvet recipes!! Chocolate has always been a favorite of mine and I just love the nice deep red color of the red velvet desserts.  I was surprised to find  so many different variations of red velvet recipes posted by some awesome bloggers. They have shared  everything red velvet from desserts to even drinks.  Many of these recipes would be great to make for a family or social get together. We attend a lot of potluck dinners and I am sure the guests wouldn’t mind if I showed up with a red velvet treat.

Of course the distinct color of red velvet recipes makes it the perfect dessert for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. What a perfect way to tell someone you love them, with a sweet red velvet treat. 

Red velvet recipes are also great for Christmas, and even the Fourth Of July and Memorial Day! Who am I kidding? Red velvet recipes are good for any time of the year. I am not going to discriminate, I’d eat red velvet all year long!

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20 Red Velvet Recipes:

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