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Does Weight Watchers Online Work?

Does Weight Watchers Online Work? YES, it does! If your goal is to have easy ways to track your food intake, get rewarded for your physical activity, and have it all at your fingertips, Weight Watchers online works and is a good choice for all.

I have always been a fan of the Weight Watchers program. Until 2016, I hadn’t officially joined the program.

A lot of the basics can be found online and are similar to other weight loss regimens. I thought I was figuring it out on my own, but I was struggling.

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How Does Weight Watchers Online Work?

The ease and convenience of the online program attracted me to become a member. All of the Weight Watchers tools were available through an app on my iPhone. If you are an Android user you can use the app, too.

You can also use the online website or the app on your tablet.

When you decide to become a Weight Watchers member you will have three membership levels to choose from;

Online Only.

Online and Weekly Meetings.

Online and One-on-One Support.

Do you see the pattern here? Online is a fundamental part of all the membership options.

With the new beyond-the-scale mindset, you are working on a healthy lifestyle change, not just looking at the number on the scale. Weight Watchers wants you to follow a lifestyle, not a diet.

Does Weight Watchers Points Work?

Every food gets a SmartPoints® value. These points are based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. You will get a daily and weekly value of points. Eat what you want, as long as you stay within your points budget, you can and will lose weight.

Does Weight Watchers Online Work?

Of course if you eat cake or doughnuts, your points will disappear rather quickly. Choosing to fill up on protein, vegetables and fruit allows me a large variety of foods in my daily points range. There are a lot of foods that are zero points. Of course those are some of my favorites.

All of your activity counts. You earn FitPoints ® for the things you are already doing. Walking, cleaning, chasing grandkids, or any way you move. It all counts. Use a fitness tracker and sync your accounts to track and earn.

Why Does Weight Watchers Online Work?

There’s a four letter word, that I love. It’s a good word. E-A-S-Y. Weight Watchers makes the online program easy. Once you become a paying member, you have access to all of the e-tools that will change your life.
For many months I have been participating in the online only option.  As with any healthy lifestyle regimen you have to put in the work to achieve your goals.
I am using the Weight Watchers app to track my food intake. My Fitbit syncs and counts my movement each day. 10,000 steps or 60 minutes of physical activity is my daily goal. I also have access to recipes, tips and advice from others all through the app.

Can I Join Weight Watchers Online?

YES! Joining Weight Watchers online was the first best step for me. There are no meetings that I can get to quickly in my area, so online meetings were a great place to start.

April was my 12 month anniversary with the online program. To date, I have lost 10% of my body weight, lowered my bad cholesterol, raised my good cholesterol, and took my blood sugar numbers out of the pre-diabetic range. It worked for me!

I have attended a few in-person meetings, but they just aren’t for me. I do go to get on the scale. I like that part of the meeting, but I never stay for the education. I use the online WW program on my app and that’s all the education I need.

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  1. Norma Walsh says:

    I am thinking of joining weight watchers

  2. Loretta fink says:

    I am a lifetime member how does the checking in work on line

    1. Jacqueline says:

      @Loretta fink, i agree with Loretta I’m a lifetime member as well I’m just not losing any weight

  3. Deborah Cooper says:

    I am wanting to try Weight Watchers Online. I am confused on the smart points. Could you please explain how you calculate and how you use them and how do you find out what points you have for the day. Is this an easy system to try? Thank you, Deborah