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30 Weight Watchers Breakfast Muffins Recipes with SmartPoints

Love muffins but worried that you might jeopardize your Weight Watchers plan? Worry no more! There are lots of Weight Watchers Breakfast Muffins recipes that you can easily make at home, and I’ve compiled some of them for you here!

Many people say that muffins are not the greatest option when choosing a healthy breakfast meal. Well, this could be true if you just grab them from a pastry store. But it’s another story if you make them at home with the help of the best Weight Watchers breakfast muffins recipes. 

If you are looking for new, weight watchers-friendly, and easy-to-make breakfast muffins recipes for the whole family, you are in the right place! 

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Are Muffins a Healthy Breakfast Choice? 

More often than not, store-bought muffins are full of nothing but carbs and sugar. Thus, to save their diet, some people just ignore the deliciousness of these heavenly baked goods. What they don’t know is that there are plenty of Weight Watchers breakfast muffins recipes that are not only super simple to make but 100% healthy too!

With that said, I’ve rounded up some of the best WW breakfast muffins recipes you can effortlessly try at home. I’ve included each recipes’ Weight Watchers SmartPoints for all of the three myWW+ plans to make sure that you’ll get to choose the muffin recipe perfect for your current WW plan. 

Whether you have points to spare or don’t have any, this list is complete with low-point and higher-point recipes for you to choose from. 

Are these Weight Watchers Breakfast Muffins Recipes Healthy and WW-Friendly? 

Breakfast will always be the most important meal of the day. And I understand that you want to start your day right by having a healthy and tasty Weight Watchers-friendly meal. Hence, rest assured that all of these recipes will not ruin your diet and your WW plan.

These WW breakfast muffins recipes only require a few ingredients. Even non-cookers will do a good job making them! Most of these easy-to-eat breakfast goods are also freezer-friendly, so you can keep them on hand for a while after making them. 

Ready for exciting and flavorful muffin recipes? Let’s dig in!

WW Breakfast Muffins Recipes with 0-5 myWW+ SmartPoints

Want to save up SmartPoints for lunch? These WW breakfast muffins recipes only have 0-5 SmartPoints on all of the three myWW+ plans.

WW Breakfast Muffins with 6 or More myWW+ SmartPoints

Have some more points to spare? This list of Weight Watchers breakfast muffins recipes with 6 SmartPoints and up will make you full and energized to help you go on with your day!

ww muffins recipe

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Got your New Favorite Weight Watchers Breakfast Muffins Recipes? 

Share your comments below and let us know what you think! 

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