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25 Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Recipes

Are you a peanut butter lover who is currently doing Weight Watchers?  If so, you’ll love this collection of recipes. I’ve rounded up some of the most delicious Weight Watchers peanut butter recipes to help you come up with new delicious desserts and treats that the whole family will love! 

I made sure that these peanut butter recipes are Weight Watchers friendly. I’ve included each recipe’s Smart Points in the description to ensure that you’ll have an idea of which peanut butter recipe will be perfect for your WW program. Enjoy!

If you need more breakfast ideas for your Weight Watchers meal plan, check out these recipes for breakfast that are all calculated for the three myWW+ programs! For those of you looking for dinner recipes as well, check out this collection of myWW+ dinner recipes!

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How many SmartPoints does Peanut Butter have? 

If you’ve been following the Weight Watchers program for quite some time now, you surely know that the traditional peanut butter is much higher in SmartPoints than the powdered ones. 

Regular peanut butter spread ranges from 5 to 7 Smartpoints per 2 tablespoons while powdered peanut butter ranges from 1 to 2 Smart Points per 2 tablespoons. 

But as Weight Watchers says: ‘nothing is off limits.’ If you know that you still have the points and you’ve been wanting to try new Weight Watchers peanut butter recipes, why not!

Are these Easy Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Recipes?

I am never fond of spending so much time in the kitchen. I always want recipes that allow me to make delicious meals and desserts and give me a lot of time to enjoy these foods with my family and friends.

These Weight Watchers peanut butter recipes are very simple to make. It will only require a few ingredients, and of course, the peanut butter of your choice. 

Again, if you want to cut down several Smart Points in the recipes, you can always choose to use powdered peanut butter rather than the traditional creamy peanut butter. 

Cool and Refreshing WW Peanut Butter Recipes

This first batch of recipes is all about cool and refreshing weight watcher peanut butter recipes that you'll want to eat or drink on warm mornings and afternoons. Try these recipes today and share them with your family and friends!

WW Peanut Butter Sweet Treats and Goodies Recipes

Aside from fun frozen sweets and refreshments, you can also make your favorite peanut butter into healthy Weight Watchers treats, pastries, and delicious goodies! Here are some recipes you should check out!

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Found the WW Peanut Butter Recipe You’ve Been Looking for?

Let us know what you think and stay-tuned for more Weight Watchers recipes! Happy snacking!

This recipe is in no way authorized or associated with the Weight Watchers Program.

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