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Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whips

Weight Watchers peanut butter whips are easy, delicious, and indulgent. Made with only two ingredients this frozen treat is both WW and Keto friendly.

Once you freeze these treats so you can enjoy them anytime. Plus, if you don’t want them to wait for the freezing time you can eat these light and fluffy peanut butter whips with a spoon.

If you love the taste of peanut butter and want to enjoy a treat that is easy to make you are in the right place. We have lots of simple Weight Watchers Cool Whip Recipes for you to try, too.

Pin showing the weight watchers peanut butter whips with title across the middle.

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Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whip Frozen Treats

Cool whip and peanut butter sounded delicious, plus super easy, so I decided to give them a try.

Finished weight watchers peanut butter whip recipe ready to eat.
Regular Peanut Butter

This Weight Watchers peanut butter cool whip dessert recipe was made with PB2 powder or any other brand of powdered peanut butter. You can use real peanut butter for a firmer dessert.

A stack of the finished weight watchers peanut butter whips ready to eat.

What ingredients do I need to make peanut butter whips?

  • PB2 Powder
  • Water
  • Fat Free Cool Whip
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup (if desired)

The great thing about using PB2 powder for this recipe is you have choices. You can use plain peanut butter flavor, peanut butter cocoa powder flavor or even the Pre and Probiotic Peanut Powder and it’s all the same points. You can try a variety of flavor combinations. 

Another pin showing the peanut butter whips top and bottom and the title across the middle.

Can I use regular peanut butter for this recipe?

You can see in the recipe card below that it’s possible to make this recipe with regular peanut butter as well. You won’t use as much of it but it can be a little easier to work with. If you are not liking the thinner consistency you can use regular peanut butter for the recipe as well.

Here’s a comparison so you know what to expect when using peanut butter powder versus regular peanut butter!

The regular peanut butter gives the whole thing a bit more structure so if you are looking for a more fluffy and swirled peanut butter whip recipe then try using that version!

Does this Recipe Have to be Frozen?

YES! Cool Whip changes consistency when it thaws out. You can see from the photos that is melts quickly. You will have to store and serve these whips frozen. As soon as you remove them from the freezer they will start to soften. Which makes them easy to scoop and enjoy with a spoon.

A look at the completed recipe ready to eat.

How Many Servings Does this Recipe Make?

This revised recipe (9/2019) makes 6 servings. Six full size muffin tin size. So of course, if you’d like to make it bite size, please calculate your own points for accuracy. This version of the Peanut Butter Whips recipe is based on 6 servings, which is perfect peanut butter and chocolaty (when you add the sugar free hot fudge topping) frozen treat to satisfy your cravings for ice cream.

Here we see the recipe in the pans ready for the freezer.

Do I Need Special Tools for this Recipe?

Yes and No! I used a non-stick muffin tin. My tin has 6 openings on it. I used paper cupcake liners, but I wish I would have used silicone cupcake liners.

The paper liners will get soggy, but the silicone would stand up well for storing, serving, and eating. When I get my own set of silicone liners, I’ll still use the muffin tin, but line them first. 

These mixing bowls and any with a silicone base are the best. I used to put a wet towel on the counter to keep my bowl steady. These bowls make my baking life easier than ever. Get yourself a set and you won’t want any other bowls.

A stack of the finished and frozen peanut butter whips ready to eat.

Here we see a finished peanut butter treat ready to be served.

How do I get the “Whipped” look?

Fill an icing bag or pastry decorator with the mixture and evenly divide the mixture into silicone cupcake liners or a muffin tin. Each tin will have approx. 5 tablespoons of whipped peanut butter goodness in it. If you don’t have an icing bag, you could try a Ziploc bag and cut off the corner.

You can also use a spoon or rubber spatula, and they will come out like ice cream discs (like above) but the Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whips won’t be light and full unless they are piped in.

I highly recommend just spooning them into a muffin tin and moving on. The whipped look is a lot of work and doesn’t always work out so hot, at least for me anyway. 

Finished peanut butter whips ready to eat with chocolate sauce on top.

Freeze your peanut butter whips until solid. Remove from cupcake liners. Heat 1 Tablespoon of sugar-free hot fudge sauce and divide evenly on each Peanut Butter Whip. Serve immediately!

Weight Watchers Points for Peanut Butter Whips:

WW points for this recipe has been calculated by Midlife Healthy Living and has not been endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Oh and completely not Weight Watchers, but I think this recipe would be perfect filling in between 2 cookies for an ice cream sandwich. YUM! It would be worth the points for me! 

WW Courtesy Point Calculation

  • Be sure to calculate the points value of the foods and recipes you eat in the app.
  • Always add ingredients and serving sizes and don’t rely on the nutrition facts in the recipe.
  • Accuracy will come from the information you input on the app.

More Weight Watchers Sweet Snacks

Here’s a raspberry version that is very similar to these peanut butter whips! 

What is your favorite frozen treat that is totally worth the WW points?

A stack of the finished and frozen peanut butter whips ready to eat.

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whip Frozen Treats!

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Freeze Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes

Weight Watchers peanut butter whips are easy, delicious, and indulgent. They're just 3 WW points so everyone can enjoy this sweet treat guilt free!


  • 3 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter or 6 Tablespoons peanut butter powder.
  • 1 8 oz Container of light or fat free frozen whipped topping., fat free makes the 1 point recipe
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Hot Fudge Sauce


  1. Place peanut butter in large bowl.
  2. Gently fold in whipped topping. (must be fat free to obtain one PPV).
  3. Spoon or pipe mixture evenly (approx. 5 Tablespoons) into 6 cupcake liners.
  4. Freeze until solid.
  5. Heat fudge sauce into microwave for a few seconds and drizzle on top before serving.
  6. Enjoy!
Nutrition Information
Yield 6
Amount Per Serving Calories 121Saturated Fat 2gCholesterol 6mgSodium 78mgCarbohydrates 14gSugar 8gProtein 3g

This recipe is not endorsed by Weight Watchers. Points were calculated with the WW app using ingredients as a courtesy. Please do your own calculations for ensured accuracy. Calculating points using nutrition info in this post is not recommended.

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  1. Barb A. J. says:

    What happened to the recipe ? I never heard of PB2 Powder. Looks delicious and was willing to try it, esp. beings I’m on a heart diet, and I enjoy a good dessert after my meal. Sad it didn’t list the recipe. My friend is on W. W. I sent this to her to figure out and enjoy. Hopefully !

  2. I can’t stand Cool Whip. Any substitution available ??

    1. I am sure you could make homemade whipped cream, but I am not sure it would set up like cool whip does. Thanks!

  3. Dawn Dittus says:

    Is the nutritional info listed for using PB2?

    1. Yes, it is. But nutritional values and ww points are added as a courtesy. Please do your own calculations for complete accuracy. thanks!

  4. Awesome! I added a slice of banana in the middle and didn’t put the chocolate syrup on. Love these!!

  5. Hi
    I used to have a PB2 recipe from WW that had fat free vanilla pudding or butterscotch with cool whip and I just can’t find it, it was much the same as this one do you know how I could get it?
    Thank you

  6. bali kratom says:

    Thanks for sharing this it’s really helpful for me.

  7. Can’t wait to taste! Love peanut butter and chocolate together! Thank You!

  8. Good try I guess.
    I am not a fan of peanut butter. But, this somehow looks good.
    Lemme try and will update once done. Thank you for sharing