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Retirement Income Planning Made Easy!

My husband and I have just entered the “empty nest” phase of our life and have been talking about what comes next for us. We are looking forward to spendng our retirement years traveling, hiking, camping and relaxing.

I engage my husband often in conversations about retirement planning and I tell him I am working on our 5 year plan. It’s actually closer to a 7 year plan, but until we work out all of the fine details to get the plan rolling it will be a 5 year plan. 🙂 When I say, Let’s Talk about Retirement Income Planning, I think my husband tunes me out and I have to remind him it’s something that needs to be done. We definitely want to retire happy.

We both agree that we want to be able to retire early enough to enjoy our remaining years together. While discussing our five year plan, two things always come up in the conversations, money and health insurance. Will we have enough money to support ourselves and if we manage to retire early, what will we do about healthcare? I wish the retirement income planning answers were easy, but like all important things it involves time and energy.

Being the planner and information junkie, I of course take on the tasks of scouring the online and offline world for the answers we need about retirement income planning. My search has been enlightening and I was lucky enough to happen upon several valuable resources, including books, DVDs and even a public television special that was able to provide some of the retirement planning answers we all seek. (Thankfully, the words, “TV special” got my husband’s attention).

“Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™” with Tom Hegna started airing on public television stations in December 2014. Don’t miss this informative and engaging television special focused on one of America’s most pressing concerns—retirement. Tom Hegna is full of expert advice to help you plan for a secure and happy retirement. You can gain the confidence and knowledge you need to spend those much anticipated retirement years happy and worry free. Americans can define their own retirement and live their golden years they way the deserve to. Check your local listings for show times >>> HERE.

Most working Americans HAVE the time, financial resources and courage to retire happy. “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™”: The 7 Steps to Retirement Security” offers exclusive valuable information that ensures you have the ways and means to plan a secure retirement future. Informative discussion topics include retirement income planning, maximizing Social Security benefits, utilizing home equity wisely, protecting your savings and several other retirement tools to get your plans underway.

You can even support your local Public Television station with a donation and receive as a gift the “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy Bonus Package” which includes: The Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™ DVD, The Don’t Worry, Retire Happy Hard Cover Book, Tom Hegna Talks About Guaranteed Lifetime Income (DVD), The Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™ Compact Disk Set, Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits booklet.This special gift package is offered exclusively for people who donate to their local PBS stations and will not be available elsewhere.

retirement bliss

I’m glad I was able to find the resources we need to make retirement income planning a valuable and worthwhile experience. Retirement income planning is important and everyone deserves the chance to retire when and how they want. I hope you will join me in being proactive and plan now for a happy and enjoyable retirement season. Don’t forget you can tune in for the TV special or buy the book, “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™”: The 7 Steps to Retirement Security” today.

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Have your started the all important steps of retirement income planning?

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  1. Out of everything we’ve done wrong financially, saving for retirement is the one thing we’ve done right. It’s so important.

  2. I really should start planning for retirement. I’m already late to the game, if I don’t start now, it might be too late!

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