Sweetnight Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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We got another Sweetnight mattress in a box! If you are shopping for mattresses you have to check out the Sweetnight cool gel memory foam mattress. We’re going to share our thoughts and experiences with Sweetnight and their Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, queen sized, 10 inches, 2 sided, and exceptional! 

This Sweetnight Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress post is a review of a product that we received for free to try and to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own! 

Gel memory foam mattress review.

Sweetnight Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

First I should probably mention that this is not the first Sweetnight mattress we’ve reviewed! We also have a queen sized Sweetnight Spring Hybrid Mattress with a pillow top. It wasn’t quite working for us and when we reached out to Sweetnight to ask about our options they suggested we try the cool gel memory foam mattress instead! 

Now we’re back to share our thoughts on this new mattress and how it can help you sleep better at night! 

Is the Sweetnight cool gel memory foam mattress firm or soft? 

Here’s the great thing about the Sweetnight memory foam mattress…it’s both! You can flip it over to get your perfect nights sleep. My husband and I have decided on the more soft side, it’s plenty firm but not so much so that it’s like sleeping on a board! 

We use the mattress on our platform bed so there’s no need for a boxspring! We have plenty of support and the mattress remains comfortable. 

Can I move freely while laying on this mattress? 

This was a big problem for us with a pillow top mattress. We both like to be able to move around freely without feeling like we’re stuck! Our pillow top mattress was sucking us into the middle of the mattress which is nice for one person but with two it was very uncomfortable. 

The Sweetnight gel memory foam mattress is stable enough that is doesn’t transfer motion. We can each roll around to our hearts content without worrying about waking the other person up in the night! 

Does this mattress have a warranty? 

Yes! Their mattresses are all designed to last for the long haul but just in case, they also have a 10 year warranty on all of the Sweetnight mattresses including this memory foam option! 

They have 24/7 customer support so you can always get in touch with them as well. All of their mattresses ship for free and there’s no middle man. You are getting your mattress directly from the manufacturer which puts them in a great position to be helpful when issues arise and also allows them offer the best price! 

Is the Sweetnight memory foam mattress expensive? 

Everyone has different options on what is costly versus budget friendly, right? The queen size of this mattress is $438 on their website but I have occasionally seen them for less on Amazon. They run sales and specials from time to time. In all reality I don’t think it’s a super costly mattress for what you are getting. 

The shipping is included, you don’t have to pickup your mattress or pay for delivery, and it doesn’t require a box spring. The 4 inch thick high density foam base means that your mattress will be stable on any surface, the floor, slats, or even a platform like ours! 

Another feature that you are getting for that price is the 10 year warranty. If anything goes wrong they’ll replace it or make it right, we’ve seen that first hand with Sweetnight and it’s amazing to know that you don’t have to worry about your investment being worthwhile…you have a 10 year guarantee that it is! 

Mattress set up, sweet night gel memory foam mattress delivers in a box!

Is this a comfortable mattress? 

You know me…I’m skeptical. I was worried with our first Sweetnight mattress that it wouldn’t be comfortable because it came in a box and I felt the same way when this one arrived. But honestly they are both super comfortable mattresses.

There are no springs to dig into your hips (I’m a dedicated side sleeper) and I can move freely. The memory foam is infused with gel so it’s also cool to sleep on year round. I don’t wake up feeling sweaty or overheated. 

Another thing I really enjoy about this mattress is the look of it. It’s cozy and comfortable and it looks great. It has a nice grey and white modern look and once it is fully puffed up it fits right into our platform bed without being too big or too short. 

How do I set up the Sweetnight Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress? 

The set up was much like the other Sweetnight mattress we did…you can see the live video of that in the post we linked above or on our YouTube channel. It’s a cool process! Here’s a breakdown of how it went for us: 

  • Box arrives on the porch via FedEx
  • Meagen can’t wait for Dustin so she struggles the heavy box up the stairs on her own
  • Tear open the box and dump out the rolled up mattress
  • Remove outer layer of plastic wrap to unroll the bed
  • Place bed in roughly the right position
  • Cut open inner plastic vacuum seal with special (provided) cutter
  • Remove plastic and watch the magic happen
  • Allow 72 hours for the mattress to be fully expanded

In truth I slept on the bed after about 24 hours. It wasn’t fully comfortable at that point and it got better after each night but we had house guests and all the spare bedrooms / couches were full so I didn’t have a whole lot of choice. 

After 72 hours the mattress was perfect and was no longer super soft and more stiff as advertised. It’s about a 6 out of 10 on the soft side and a 7.5 out of 10 on the firm side of this mattress if you are wondering! 

here you can see the mattress in the process of setting up!

How can I use a great mattress to get excellent sleep? 

If you are wondering how you can get the best nights sleep you should check out these other posts we’ve done on the subject. After all, sleep is a vital part of our lives! 

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