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15 Weight Watchers Friendly Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Weight Watchers pumpkin pie recipes are a great way to enjoy your favorites while sticking to your healthy eating plan. These recipes are all lightened up and ready to be enjoyed on WW plans.

Pumpkin is a vegetable, therefore it is a food you should eat all year long not just during pumpkin season. You can freeze pumpkin and enjoy it all year long.

Since the Weight Watchers program is so flexible you can even enjoy pumpkin pie recipes all year long! Anytime you get the craving for a pumpkin pie, we have got you covered with all of these great choices.

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What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a way of life. You have to embrace the concepts of eating nutritious foods that fuel your body. That doesn’t mean cut out food groups (unless your allergic or intolerant) or deprive yourself. It just means find out what your body needs and feed it.

The program focuses on teaching portion control, healthy choices, and smart swaps. The current program uses a standard point value system for foods and drinks and then each person has a custom amount of points they can use throughout the day and week.

You track your foods and drinks and they are deducted from your point total for the day so you can reduce your overall calories and fat intake by making smart choices. The program has a variety of 0 point foods that are free to consume in most individual serving sizes!  

There’s no broad or overarching restrictions on WW. You can eat anything as long as you track it! No matter what time of the year it is, eat what you want as long as you track it.

If you bite it, write it down. If you want to eat two slices of pumpkin pie, calculate the points the best you can and then eat. Depriving yourself of food groups or foods you enjoy eating isn’t the answer to a healthy weight loss plan. 

A slice of crustless pie ready to eat.

Weight Watchers Calculated Pumpkin Pie Recipes: 

These 15 Recipes all have the Weight Watchers SmartPoints calculated and ready to add to your tracking for the day! Most of the recipes are great for Weight Watchers users and low in points.

For those of you who happen to not be on WW you can always enjoy these recipes as well without worrying about overindulging. They’re lightened up and easier to enjoy no matter what your goals are.

15 WW Friendly Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Pumpkin is such a versatile vegetable. You can make it savory or sweet. This recipe list is all about pies. Pumpkin pie inspired recipes that you have the Weight Watchers Freestyle SmartPoints are calculated for you. Have your dessert and eat it too!

Here are some kitchen essentials that I like to have on hand when making recipes like this:

Making tasty treats is a breeze with these kitchen essentials. Keeping things like this on hand makes my life so much easier in the kitchen.

Some things that are great to have on hand when prepping recipes are a cutting board, sharp knives, and storage containers.

You can also benefit from baking pans, a kitchen scale, measuring cups, and these mixing bowls!!

How do these recipes fit into myWW?

Updated: November 17, 2022

The current plan features a single point value for each food item (per serving) and that goes for every user – exception for diabetic users who have their own system / points / plan info.

Previous Plan Information:

Since this list was created the Weight Watchers plans have changed and been updated. This recipe list was created for Freestyle which was the program before the one we’re working on now!

Right now the WW program operates with three color coded plan. Some of these recipes may have been updated but the Freestyle program and the Blue plan are the same so these recipes would be great for the myWW blue program!

How do I calculate these recipes for my current program?

As the Weight Watchers change and update you might be wondering how you can keep your recipes up to date and calculated. One of the best recommendations I can make for your WW journey is that you calculate your own recipes.

When you are eating foods on their own you can input them as individual ingredients. When making recipes like these pies you need to create a recipe. There’s a difference and it’s also easier b/c then each time you have a serving you can just track it!

The recipe creator on the WW app and website allow you to put in all the ingredients, servings, and information for the recipe and then it automatically calculates the point value per serving! It’s handy and helpful and the most accurate way to track your recipes.

Even better, perhaps, is that once you enter the the recipe it will be saved to your account so whenever plan and program changes happen the point values update to the new guidelines and point values.

Looking for more pumpkin recipes calculated for WW?

Here are some other recipes that are pumpkin flavored and calculated for WW programs already!

myWW Pumpkin Recipes

These delicious recipes all have a few things in common...they're perfect for fall, they're calcualted for the three myWW programs, and they are pumpkin flavored! Yum!

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