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Elf on the Shelf Office Ideas

Are you considering bringing Elf on the Shelf to the office? I’m excited to introduce you to these Elf on the Shelf office ideas. Having fun while you’re at work is important and these ideas will help you to do just that. The hardest part is going to be deciding which idea to use first.

Should you do Elf on the Shelf at work?

You may need to tread on this one lightly depending on where you work. You don’t want to create an issue at work, but you also want to have fun. If you need to get permission for having Elf on the Shelf at work, make sure you do so. Most offices would be okay with you doing Elf on the Shelf, but it never hurts to ask for permission.

Since we’re talking about doing Elf on the Shelf in an office setting, these will all be Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults. If you’re interested in some activities for kids, then you can check out this post with 25 Kid Friendly Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

Elf on the Shelf hanging onto the back of a laptop computer

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Elf on the Shelf Office Manager

Whether you are an office manager or not, you most likely work in an office. If you want to bring a little fun to the office, then display your Elf as an office manager for this fun adult elf on the shelf idea. You can get as creative as you’d like! The Elf can be sitting as a desk overseeing everyone and their work.

Elf on a Conference Call

When it comes to adult Elf on the Shelf ideas, bringing fun to the office is going to be easy with this Elf on the Shelf office idea. Your elf can be set up attending a conference call. Have no fear because the Elf is in charge today. You can set the Elf up on the phone, maybe even dress him up with a mini headset, so he can hear everything on the conference call.

Teamwork: Elf Style

This Elf on the Shelf idea for the office is easy, but so fun! This elf prank is going to show the elf working hard with the rest of the team. You can make this as serious or as not serious as you’d like!

Photocopier Mishap with the Elf

This is one of my favorite funny Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults. You can’t get away from doing this Elf on the Shelf office idea. I would encourage you to have tiny papers coming out of the photocopier. While everyone will know the tiny papers are fake, it’s the illusion that is funny.

Or another one of the Elf on a Shelf pranks you could do is place the elf so they are the one being photocopied!

Elf on the Shelf on a scanner

Elf Cubicle Decoration Fiasco

If you have a favorite co-worker that you’d like to bring this Elf on a Shelf to life with, consider decorating a cubicle with an Elf. Keep in mind that not everyone will love these funny elf on the shelf ideas for adults, so try and choose the person you do it to, wisely. You can go crazy throwing a cubicle party with the Elf or you can keep it simple.

What good can come out of doing Elf on the Shelf office ideas?

  • You can build office morale. You’re at work every single day with the same people. It’s okay to have fun and bring fun to the office with these elf on the shelf pranks for adults.
  • Making people laugh. You’ll find that making people laugh is a lot of fun and the Elf on the Shelf allows you to do that!
  • Creativity is born. Something else to consider is that the Elf on the Shelf allows you to express creativity and this can be a good thing!

If you’re considering using these Elf on the Shelf office ideas, then go for it! I’d also love to hear what office ideas you want to share with the Elf on the Shelf community.

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