Elf on the Shelf Report Card Printable

Elf on the Shelf Report Card Printable

It’s officially Christmas…Christmas in July! One of the most popular Christmas traditions for kids these days is Elf on the Shelf. The magical Christmas Elf who shows up before Christmas to keep an eye on children and report back to Santa. It’s a cute idea for kids (and even some adults get into it); there are a TON of awesome Elf on the Shelf accessories, poses, and printables out there. You can use these kinds of add ons to really enhance the whole Elf on the Shelf experience each year!

Today we’re sharing with you a cute little report card printable. You can use this in conjunction with your Elf to keep your little ones focused on their behavior and attitude during the holiday season. This report card is meant to be given from your Elf to Santa; essentially this is a way for your Elf to “grade” behavior.

Elf on the Shelf Report Card Printable

This Elf on the Shelf Report Card Printable is fun, easy, and keeps kids focused on kindness and good behavior during the holidays!

You can also use this in addition to incentives! I love using the Elf as a way to reward little ones as well as remind them that they should be well behaved and kind. Using reminder cards and this report card printable periodically throughout the holiday lead up can be a fun way to curb outbursts and meltdowns. Kids love interacting with their Elf and it’s a great way to keep the “magic” flowing for those older kids who might be a little closer to giving up on the whole process!

This report card printable has two identical sections so you can use it more than once! Make sure you stop back and let us know how your little ones enjoy hearing from their Elf!! To print just click on the photo and print the full size sheet! Enjoy & Merry Christmas (in July)!

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