What Can You Dip in Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter lover or not, knowing what to dip in peanut butter will come in handy for preparing effortless snacks and appetizers for parties, gatherings, and BBQs. This post is here to help you do just that! 

Peanut butter goes with everything. You can dip pretzels, fruits, crackers, and a lot more in this delicious and versatile spread. 

You can use your regular favorite peanut butter for dipping but of course, you can make it even more delicious with the addition of a few simple ingredients. If you want an easy to make and simple peanut butter dip to wow the crowd, you should check out this indulgent peanut butter dip recipe or this two ingredient skinny peanut butter dip if you prefer a healthier version. 

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What can I dip in peanut butter?

Don’t know what is good to dip in peanut butter? Below is a list of everything you can pair with this all time favorite spread!

It might not be so obvious but there are plenty of foods better served with a scoop of peanut butter. From veggies to fruits, snacks, and even meat and seafood, you’ll be surprised at how versatile peanut butter is and how it can take your meals and snack time to the next level.

If you can’t get enough with peanut butter and want to enjoy this yummy spread not only as a dip, you also won’t want to miss these two amazing collections of peanut butter recipes! 

Kitchen Essentials To Prepare

Before we jump on the list of foods to dip in peanut butter, you’ll want to take note of these kitchen essentials first. These kitchen must haves will be useful in whipping up and serving peanut butter dips. 

Aside from your favorite peanut butter and the ingredients needed in the recipe, you only need to prepare a mixing bowl and a spatula or an electric hand mixer to make a peanut butter dip. If you’re planning to serve the dip at one of your parties or gatherings, you’ll also want to get yourself a new set of dipping bowls or serving platters.

All set? Without further ado, here are some food ideas you should try and dip in peanut butter. 

Healthy Things to Dip in Peanut Butter

A healthy diet is a must. If you are looking for healthy foods to dip in peanut butter, here are some of them. 


Need a potassium and protein boost? Dip or spread peanut butter on a banana!


Another all time favorite pairing, the crunchiness and juiciness of apples go perfectly with the creaminess of peanut butter. 

Strawberries and Raspberries

Peanut butter and jelly is a match made in heaven, no doubt all strawberries and raspberries taste delicious with peanut butter as well. You can dip them in peanut butter or enjoy them all together in a sandwich. 


Juicy and sweet, pears are a perfect pair with peanut butter and a must add to your platter too.


Grapes and peanut butter? A big YES to that as well!


Slices of fresh melon are another must have on your summer fruit platter! Melon not only tastes amazing with peanut butter, but it can also add more color and texture to your platter. 

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes taste good as a topping for toasts with peanut butter but you can just dip them too.

Fruits to Dip in Peanut Butter

What veggies can you dip in peanut butter?

Veggie lover? You might not know but there are actually a lot of vegetables you can pair with peanut butter. 

Sweet Potato

Peanut butter pairs well with all kinds of sweet fruits and dishes, clearly it makes a great pair with sweet potatoes as well. You can dip sweet potato fries in peanut butter, make stuffed sweet potatoes with peanut butter, and peanut butter crusted sweet potato fries too. 


Crunchy carrots and nutty peanut butter, what more can we say about this awesome pair?


Of course, the classic Ants on a Log is a must try! If you haven’t tried this simple appetizer recipe, this is the sign that you should. Just put the peanut butter on celery sticks, top them with raisins, and you’re done! 


Roasted potatoes drizzled with creamy peanut butter? This is a mouthwatering combination!


For snacking, you can simply dip your sliced cucumber in peanut butter. But as an appetizer, you can also make cucumber bites topped with peanut butter to make it more enjoyable to eat.


Peanut sauce is so simple to make! It only requires a few ingredients and it tastes incredible with broccoli!

Snacks to Eat with Peanut Butter

Snack time will not be complete without a peanut butter dip. You’ll enjoy and have more fun if you dip these snacks in peanut butter. 


You might love pretzels on their own but dipping them in peanut butter is a whole lot better! Trust me!


A drizzle of peanut butter on top of freshly popped popcorn? This will be your new favorite movie night snack!


Cookies are fun to eat but they will be even more delicious and addicting if you’ll dip them in peanut butter. 

Whole Grain Crackers

The best way to add flavor to crackers is to dip it or fill it with peanut butter.

Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla wafers and peanut butter? This will be another family favorite for sure!

Other Peanut Butter Combinations

These food combinations will make you drool! You won’t regret giving them a try. 


Peanut butter smoothies are the best. They’re filling and are full of nutrition as well. 

Hot Chocolate

Yes! You can add peanut butter to your hot chocolate as well! It will be a nutty, creamy, chocolatey, and comforting drink, best served in the cold weather. 

Chicken and Pork

Did you know you can also use peanut butter as a condiment and marinade sauce for meat!


Adding peanut butter to your hummus will not only make it creamier but tastier as well! 


Peanut butter can be a pasta sauce too, especially if you are craving Thai flavors.


For a change, instead of maple syrup, why not try drizzling your pancakes with peanut butter? You’ll be surprised by the yummy result! 

Pancake Topped with Peanut Butter


Level up your breakfast sandwich by adding bacon and peanut butter to your toast. You can add slices of banana for extra sweetness and a boost of potassium too. 

Overnight Oats

A more delicious and protein packed breakfast awaits you if you add a scoop or two of peanut butter to your overnight oats. If you are a real peanut butter lover, you can add a scoop again in the morning for extra creaminess and yumminess! 


Yes, you’ve read that right! If you love a delicious combination of sweet and salty, you might want to try dipping pickles in peanut butter or enjoy them on a sandwich.


Seafood summer rolls with shrimp and peanut butter are on another level! You won’t want to miss it!


Peanut butter makes a great sauce for fish too.


If you really want to try something out of the ordinary, you can also use peanut butter as a pizza topping along with chili sauce, ginger, and other Asian flavors. 


Like pancakes, adding a spoonful of peanut butter on top of waffles will make your breakfast more delightful and satisfying.

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