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10 Things Not to Forget when Camping in a Tent

Every now and then we get a wild hair and decide to do some tent camping.  I learned a long time ago the 10 things not to forget when tent camping.

Now we go sans kids, but still, we need to make sure we are prepared. No one, especially me wants to be stuck in a tent without the goods you need to have a great trip!

Tent camping is different from camping in a cabin or even in a camper because if you forget certain things you are stuck without some serious comforts.

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10 Things Not to Forget when Camping in a Tent

When you go camping in a tent there’s some things you definitely won’t want to be without. These 10 things not to forget when camping in a tent will be a life saver if you want to have a great trip.

If it has been awhile since you went camping or if you have never gone camping in a tent you can use this list to help you pack the best items.

The Tent

This one is pretty much a no brainer. Be sure to set up your tent at home for a trial run before you leave. Double check for rips, broken zippers and missing parts. Be sure the tent poles and stakes are in the bag, along with a small hammer, just in case.


Arriving at a campsite after dark, happens! We never plan it that way, then again, we don’t plan flat tires or getting lost. Life happens! Flashlights will serve lots of purposes and fresh batteries is a must. This LED Flashlight comes with the rechargeable batteries and can take a beating. It’s one of our favorites.

Toilet Paper/Flushable Cleansing Cloths

Campground bathrooms can be a scary place. If you are lucky you find a place with flushable toilets. If you’re not so lucky, pit toilets will be your only choice. Supplying your own toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths is a must.

Cottonelle on-the-go packs fit perfectly in a backpack, purse or pocket.  Keeping your Bum clean will prevent uncomfortable days and nights when your all up close and personal in a tent.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen no matter if you are at home or out camping. Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit on hand is a great idea.

Band-aids, soap, water, tweezers, gauze and hand sanitizer will get you the basics for small wounds or until you can seek medical attention. You have to think like a scout and always be prepared. This first-aid kit we picked up has everything we need and then some.

things not to forget when camping

Trash Bags

Obviously you can use trash bags to keep your campsite neat and tidy. They also make good makeshift ponchos, keep your bedding and clothing from becoming damp and will hold lots of dirty clothes and shoes on the way home. I prefer contractor bags. They are strong, thick and the 42-gallon size holds A LOT!

Sleeping Bag/Bedding

It gets cold at night, even in the middle of summer. Having padding between you and the ground is a must. Stay warm and hopefully dry in a good sleeping bag. Check out this 30 Day Nectar Mattress Review if you’re looking for a comfy place to sleep after your nights spent in the camping tent!


You cannot start a campfire without a fire source and camping just isn’t the same if you don’t have the chance to sit around a campfire, toast a few marshmallows and make some real camp food! Wood is important too, but you can usually buy that from the campground or a neighbor along the way.

things not to forget when camping

Duct Tape

Guaranteed you will have a need for duct tape. Keep a roll or two on hand. I am sure you will find something to repair with it at some point. It works great to fix not only camping supplies but the car, too. We never leave home without a good roll of duct tape!


There are so many uses for water. Cooking, cleaning and staying hydrated will be a breeze if you bring your own clean water. I never trust the water at campgrounds. Our well water spoils me.

Reading material

This one is my personal must-have. I LOVE to read and never get the chance to do it as often as I would like too.

What else do I need while tent camping?

There’s nothing better than plopping your bum in a chair and reading in the peacefulness of the great outdoors. If you are an e-reader kind of person, don’t forget that Audible lets you download books and you can get your first two downloads are free!

I bet your thinking I forgot a lot of other important things. Surely, we could make a list of hundreds of items to make sure you take with you when you plan to pitch a tent.

Being sure I have the necessities on hand when we arrive and set up camp is my main goal. Most places we camp, you can drive 20 minutes and arrive at a Walmart. If we need anything else, we just take a quick road trip and pick it up!

If you happen to plan camping on the west coast don’t miss out on these kid friendly campgrounds in Oregon.

Featured image showing the tent for camping with all the things not to forget when tent camping.

Once you set up camp, be sure to enjoy every minute that you can. Before you know it you’ll have to come back to the real world, the downtime will go quickly.

RELAX! Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten to pack something important?? Let us know your best stories in the comments below!

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Shopping List of Things Not To Forget When Camping:

Things Not To Forget When Tent Camping

Every now and then we get a wild hair and decide to do some tent camping.  I learned a long time ago the 10 things not to forget when camping in a tent.

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  1. Carol Rotary says:

    Camping is a great way to have fun.. just don’t forget the micro-towels…these are great to use camping absorbs alot, can use them for camping, swimming even for that needed shower…just hang them up an in 1/2hr or so they will be dry to use again.. for the really backwoods campers…don’t forget the bug spray either…

  2. We bring along the Florescent Snap Lights (around a $1.00 a piece) to hang in the tent at night. Crack! it and hang it just before dark. It makes for a great night light and lasts all night long.

  3. Ziplock freezer bags and either plastic or glass locking lid containers are the only ones I’ve found to keep water out of the food. Everything else will leak! Extension cords, mallet (hammer will damage stakes), long rope, headlamp around a bottle of water makes a great lantern. Fire starters also come in handy

  4. Extension cords, air bed – absolute must. Battery lights for inside tent. Game bag for at night, bungee cords – can put towards lots of uses.
    Things from home that are staples for cooking: salt, pepper, Pam spray for the pie irons, etc.

  5. Great article. Good advice from the heart.