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What to do When it Rains While Camping

What to do When it Rains While Camping

Rain can be a wonderful thing! Here in Central Pa where we live, work, and EAT, we see first hand how important rain can be for crops especially! There are some times when rain can be a pain though and one of those times is during any camping trip! Rain during a camping trip can be really frustrating if you are not prepared. Thankfully we have some tips and tricks that you can refer to when trying to figure out What to do When it Rains While Camping.

What to do When it Rains While Camping just2sisters.com

Preparing for Rain
Half of the battle of figuring out what to do when it rains while camping is in the planning! If you are prepared for rain, no rain can surprise you! Of course that can be easier said than done but there are a few things you can do to prepare for rain.

Check the weather: if you don’t have plans that are set in stone you can simply move them to a better looking day!

Gear: bring along the rain gear, extra tarps, extra blankets, dry socks, umbrellas, the whole nine yards.

Activities: if you are expecting rain you can pack some board games, cards, books, or even DIY items and crafts so that you have plenty to do if your outdoor activities get foiled by rain!

Attitudes: camping in the rain is not for the average person, make sure you prepare everyone for the possibility of rain so that attitudes can stay positive and fun even if it does rain.

What to do When it Rains While Camping just2sisters.com

Setting up Shop
Much like being prepared with gear, supplies, and activities, the way you set up your campsite can really help you out when you are trying to decide what to do when it rains while camping! If you are camping in a tent is it always important to find a dry spot on level ground that is away from any water that might end up running right through your sleeping bag! Also consider keeping your firewood under a tarp or canopy just in case a sneaky shower decides to pop up when you least expect it!

Make the Best of a Damp Situation
No one is going to tell you that camping in the rain is the best, least of all me, but you can still have fun while camping in the rain. Part of knowing what to do when it rains while camping is in knowing that there is always fun to be had! Rain can actually be good weather for certain activities and it can provide you with some together time that you might otherwise miss out on especially when camping with the whole family! Consider some of these activities when deciding what to do when it rains while camping.

Fishing: It seems like fishing season is one of the rainiest seasons of all! If you have any fishermen on your crew they will no doubt already be getting wet down by the water anyway so as long as conditions like lightning or high water don’t endanger them, let them do their thing, you might even want to join them!

Adventures: There are some adventures that rain simply cannot ruin! Think of those hot summer days when a shower is just what you need to cool off, hiking out to a swimming hole, hunting for tadpoles and making mud pies, the possibilities are endless. If it stays warm and there are no other threats involved sometimes the best thing to do is just forget it is raining and go on with your plans!

Relax Inside: If you can’t get out and enjoy the day despite the rain you might consider gathering everyone up for a board game, some cards, or some crafting. You can even snuggle up in your bed with a book for the day! Even though the rain might keep you from doing something you originally planned it doesn’t have to ruin your day or your trip!

It’s also helpful to remember the 10 Things Not to Forget when Camping in a Tent for a better experience.

What was the best trip you ever took in the rain? Do you have a worst camping in the rain story? What do you like to do when it rains while camping?

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