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Best Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes

Enjoy delicious meals without spending so much time and effort in the kitchen by giving these best slow cooker chicken breast recipes a try! These recipes are not only easy to whip up, thanks to the slow cooker, they all only require a handful of easy to find ingredients as well. 

A slow cooker is indeed a must have kitchen gadget. It can make your life a little easier, especially if you are too busy to make meals for the whole family or if you have guests to entertain. 

But of course, it’s inevitable to run out of slow cooker recipes at some point so this post is here to help. If you prefer using chicken breast because of your diet or for whatever reason, you’ll surely have fun checking out these slow cooker chicken breast recipes. 

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Can you put raw chicken breast in the slow cooker?

Yes. However, you have to take note that you have to completely thaw it first. 

There are different thawing methods for chicken that you can try. If you need a guide on how to thaw chicken properly and safely, you can check out this post

These recipes all call for boneless skinless chicken breasts not only because they are leaner and healthier but because they are a lot easier to work with when cooked as well. Below you can find Weight Watchers friendly slow cooker chicken breast recipes, all day recipes that take about six to eight hours or more to make in the slow cooker, and other easy and healthy crock pot chicken breast recipes. 

How do I keep chicken from drying out in the crockpot?

Crockpot chicken breast recipes are ideal for busy weeknights. The recipes only need a few minutes of hands on time and you can trust the slow cooker to do all the work. However, it’s a common issue that chicken meat often ends up dry when cooked in the slow cooker.

The best tip for this dilemma is to avoid cooking your chicken, especially chicken breast, in the slow cooker on HIGH. Cooking the meat on HIGH works for pork and beef but not on chicken because the result will be very dry even if you check it early. 

With that said, make sure to cook your chicken meat only on LOW. This might mean a few more hours of cooking time but the juicy and tender result will be worth it. 

Plus, if the recipe calls for water, you can also consider adding plenty of it to make sure that your meat will stay moist. And of course, take note not to overcook the meat as well. 

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Best Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes

Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes

These crock pot chicken breast recipes are healthy, easy, and needless to say, oh so delicious. They call for a few ingredients and need only about ten minutes of prep time. Don’t hesitate to give them a try!

All Day Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes

Ideal for busy days, these all day slow cooker chicken breast recipes take more or less than eight hours to make but they are so worth the wait! After a long tiring day, these recipes are sure to make you feel good and full. 

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes

Tender, juicy, and filled with aroma and flavors, these slow cooker chicken breast recipes are worth considering as well. The whole family will surely approve of these delicious meals. 

Weight Watchers Crock Pot Chicken Breast Recipes

Currently on Weight Watchers? These Weight Watchers slow cooker chicken breast recipes are perfect for you!

Looking for more chicken recipes? 

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