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Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

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These awesome Weight Watchers chicken recipes are light, healthy, and perfect for the whole family. Try adding these chicken recipes to your weekly meal plans!

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One of the main things that I love about WW is that you can eat just about anything as long as you properly track and count your points. That means I don’t have to make two meals every night, I can enjoy the same foods as my family!

If you are looking for a way to make your life in the kitchen easier, these recipes will be helpful. All of these recipes are made using chicken as the main source of protein. If you eat a lot of chicken…we do too…this will be a great place to find more recipes that can spice things up in your meal plan.

Don’t let yourself get into a rut cooking the same things over and over again. There are so many awesome ways to cook chicken for Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers Chicken REcipes

Here’s the best thing about chicken…it’s so versatile that you can make it take on the flavor of just about any dish. I’ll be breaking these recipes down into lunch, dinner, and appetizer categories so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Sometimes I just want something light and simple that I can use for lunches throughout the week, other times I need something hearty that the whole family will devour and not complain about, I get it.

We all have to find what works for us! Hopefully this page will help you find all of the best Weight Watchers chicken recipes that you’ll love making each week.

Featured image showing the finished air fryer chicken tenders.

Which program are these recipes for?

The new myWW program allows for a lot of different foods and variations between plans, don’t worry, I’ve been working hard to make sure all of my recipes are updated with points for all three plans!

The good news is that the new myWW blue program is the old Freestyle program so if you are still using the Freestyle method and points you can use the blue points as a guide for your eating choices!

WEight Watchers Chicken Appetizer Recipes:

Here are a collection of appetizer recipes that use chicken and are ready to go with Weight Watchers information!

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders These air fryer chicken tenders are a great way to keep kids happy during snack times, lunches, and more. I love to make them and chop them up into chunks for bite sized pieces that I can dip in my favorite dressings or sauces!

Instant Pot Chicken & Black Bean Taquitos You can’t go wrong with taquitos as an appetizer. They’re easy to put together and they travel well. It’s an easy handheld treat that everyone will love!

Chicken Taco Cups These bite sized chicken tacos are made into perfectly portable cups with baked tortillas. You can make your own little chicken cups, similar to scoops, and enjoy these packed with flavor and fillings!

featured image showing the finished weight watchers chicken recipes for chicken taco cups ready to eat.

Weight Watchers Chicken Soup Recipes:

I may or may not enjoy a delicious soup a little more than the rest of the world. That’s probably why I have so many delicious options for Weight Watchers soups that feature chicken! Try some of these out and see what you think.

Chicken Zoodle Soup This version of chicken noodle soup uses zoodles or zucchini noodles to replace the noodles. That means you can enjoy this one if you are watching your carbs as well as doing the Weight Watchers program!

Chicken Corn Chowder Chicken corn chowder is one of my favorite Weight Watchers chicken recipes. It’s easy, indulgent, and packed with flavor. It also freezes like a dream so you can make a double batch and freeze the rest for quick meals later on!

Chicken Sausage Stew Need something a little more hearty? Try out this chicken and sausage stew! It’s incredible and you can easily make it more or less spicy based on the sausage you use.

Chicken Noodle Soup This classic WW chicken recipe is perfect for those times when you are feeling under the weather or just need a home-y feeling meal. Chicken noodle soup has all the comforts of the canned stuff without all the extra bad stuff.

Close up shot of the finished chicken noodle soup recipe.

WW Chicken Recipes Perfect For Lunches:

All of these delicious chicken recipes are light enough for lunch but filling enough that you could also use them for dinner! If you like to meal prep, these are the recipes I like to make so we have easy stuff to eat as both lunches and leftovers throughout the week!

Vegetable Chicken Salad My vegetable chicken salad is an excellent choice for WW chicken recipes. It goes great on top of a bed of greens, in a wrap, or on a sandwich. It’s loaded with veggies so you get some extra vegetables in there without having to try too hard.

Sweet and Sour Chicken I love this sweet and sour chicken. It’s a great Weight Watchers chicken recipe for lunch because you can easily reheat it or just eat it cold from the fridge. The flavors are great and you can easily make this for on salads instead of with rice.

Featured image showing the finished chicken stir fry for Weight Watchers

Cilantro Lime Chicken This cilantro lime chicken can be served with rice, salad, in a wrap, or on its own. It’s very versatile and so fresh. The flavors are great and it makes this an indulgent dish for any meal.

Sheet Pan Chicken Meal One pan, just one pan is all you need to make this delicious dinner recipe. I make it for lunches, leftovers, whatever anyone wants. The veggies and the chicken cook at the same time so there’s even side dishes built right in!

Chicken Fried Rice I love to make chicken fried rice at home whenever we are craving takeout. It’s just as easy, so fresh, and perfectly suited for Weight Watchers! The whole family devours it.

Instant Pot Mexican Shredded Chicken Mexican shredded chicken is a great Weight Watchers chicken recipe for lunches. You can use it for salads, wraps, with crackers or fresh veggies, etc.

Chicken Dinner Recipes For Weight Watchers:

Chicken is a great meat for dinner. It’s light but hearty, there’s a bunch of different cuts you can use, and of course…it’s perfect for Weight Watchers because it’s low in points for all three myWW plans. Check out these chicken dinner recipes for Weight Watcher and let me know which ones are your favorite.

Chicken Enchiladas One of my favorite meals is enchiladas. Chicken enchiladas are easy to make for Weight Watchers without anyone knowing that they’re eating a lighter, more healthy version of this classic Mexican recipe!

Fiesta Chicken Recipe Another Mexican inspired dish is this fiesta chicken recipe. It’s great for Weight Watchers, low in points, and high on flavor!

Teriyaki Chicken Casserole If you need something simple, easy to make, and family friendly…try this teriyaki chicken casserole. It’s quick to make, full of simple ingredients, and loaded with zesty flavors!

Italian Chicken One of the easiest ways to add a little spice to a regular chicken breast recipe is with this Italian chicken. It comes out moist, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned every time!

An image showing the Weight Watchers chicken recipes ready to eat.

Chicken Parmesan Another Italian classic recipe is this chicken parmesan. It’s a great WW chicken recipe because it’s lighter and healthier than the classic version. It’s made with the air fryer which is also nice because it’s quick!

Chicken Stir Fry You can make stir fry with just about any meat in my opinion but this light and healthy chicken stir fry is one of my favorites. Add in your favorite fresh or frozen vegetables for even more health benefits.

Orange Chicken Recipe When the cravings for takeout Chinese food strike, use this orange chicken recipe to fight them off. It goes great with the chicken fried rice that I linked above!

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe For a special meal or a date night at home, try out this chicken cacciatore recipe. It’s a nice, indulgent, perfectly flavorful meal that you can enjoy on any Weight Watchers program.

Chicken Pot Pie Here’s a lightened up version of a classic chicken recipe. Pot pie! It’s got a light, flaky crust and all the homestyle filings you could ask for!

Some of my favorite kitchen tools:

Looking for some of the items you see used in the recipes above? Check out these links and sales. I have loved these additions to my kitchen and they make these Weight Watchers chicken recipes a breeze!

Other Recipe Collections:

Looking for some other recipe collections? We’ve got you covered. You can enjoy all of our recipe collections for the easiest way to find the types of recipes you enjoy all in one spot.

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