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DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Learning how to make DIY foaming hand soap is quick and easy. You need just a few simple ingredients and you can reuse your foaming hand soap dispensers! This homemade foaming hand soap refill recipe is all natural too.

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Another pin showing the finished homemade hand soap refill with supplies!

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If you are stuck at home, don’t want to go out, or are just going through more soap than usual you might be looking for a great way to refill your hand soap dispensers at home.

The good news is that there is a really easy recipe for DIY foaming hand soap. If you have any kind of foaming hand soap or sanitizer pump at home you can use this recipe to refill and reuse that container!

These foaming hand soap containers are also available online so if you want to get into making your own hand soap for the foreseeable future you can also just purchase them new!

What scent is this DIY foaming hand soap?

Today I’m making a refill for my eucalyptus and mint scent so I’m using spearmint and eucalyptus oils. You can make a citrus blend, use lavender for a calming scent, or just use scented Castile soap and skip adding the essential oils altogether!

Another good idea is to add OnGuard oil to your mixture for even more yuck fighting power.

Here we see the ingredients needed to make diy foaming hand soap.

What do I need to make foaming hand soap at home?

You only need a few simple things to make your own hand soap…did you know that most of the soap we buy in the stores is basically water with a few other things added in?! It’s wild how many products we buy that are like this! That’s good news though because you already have water at home most likely.

I’m reusing a foaming hand soap bottle so that I don’t have to buy more plastic and because it’s convenient. You can get foaming hand soap dispensers or reuse your own, the outcome will be the same.

A look at the simple ingredients needed to make soap for your foaming dispensers.

To make this particular recipe you will also need some liquid Castile soap and essential oils. If you want to make your hand soap a little more moisturizing you can add in some fractionated coconut oil as well. I’m skipping it this time around but it does add a nice touch if you have dry hands!

Does this homemade soap actually get foamy?

Absolutely. This homemade hand soap gets nice and sudsy. It foams up perfectly from the dispensers and it makes a nice lather for washing your hands. It’s very gentle…thank you all natural Castile soap for being amazing…so you can feel confident in letting your kids and other people with sensitive skin use this foaming soap.

A pin showing the finished hand soap.

If you find that your blend is not soapy enough for your liking you can just add some more liquid Castile soap to the mix!

How do I make foaming hand soap with liquid Castile soap?

Making your own hand soap is really quick and easy. I promise! You know I’m not all about complicated or difficult DIY projects!

First you just need to fill up your bottle with warm water from the sink. This amount of water will be different for everyone depending on what bottle you are using. Just fill your particular bottle about 4/5 full with water and remember that you will need to leave room for the pump.

Another pin showing the finished container of diy foaming hand soap.

After you have put in the warm water, add in your drops of essential oils if you are using them. I put in about 8 drops each of spearmint and eucalyptus. After the oils are in you can top off the bottle with liquid Castile soap. I’m using the Dr. Bronners Hemp Oil version that is extra sensitive. It’s great for keeping hands clean, healthy, and not dried out. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Put the top back on your bottle and give it a good shake. It doesn’t need to be bubbly inside there this is just to mix the water and Castile soap together! You can then test out your pump and make sure it’s sudsy enough for your liking…after that, it’s ready to use! Easy peasy!

Looking for other DIY cleaning supplies?

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A pump of the foaming hand soap ready to use!

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