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Homemade Nonstick Spray Quick, Easy, and Frugal!

Homemade Nonstick spray is now what I use in place of Pam!! Nonstick sprays that come in cans, are full of all kinds of stuff you really don’t want touching your food or ingesting into your body.

 Plus, I have always hated the residue Pam leaves on my pans and skillet!! I have been using this spray since March for everything except my BBQ.

I have used it in our crockpot, casserole pans, and baking dishes and love it!! All of the dishes have required little scrubbing and no residue left behind!! You can make this spray and control the ingredients.

homemade nonstick spray

Making your own nonstick spray at home will save you time, money and you can feel good about the ingredients you put in and onto your families food. 

I grabbed my spray bottle Dollar Tree to try this out!!  I am hoping to find a deal on a  Misto soon!! Thank you Nature’s Nurtures Blog for the ratio for the Homemade Nonstick Spray.

Directions for Homemade Nonstick Spray:

1 Part Olive Oil 
4 Parts Water
shake and spray!! 
*Be sure to shake prior to each use as water and oil will separate* 

(I do 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil and 4 Tablespoons water) 

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  1. Use boiked, distilled or purified water to help make this last longer.

  2. No No No! Once you add water you create an environment that bacteria can grow. You CAN NOT see bacteria. This would last 5 days in the refrigerate and disregard.

    1. Karen is 100% correct. The oil has been homogenized, adding water spurs bacteria and fungus.

  3. Am I missing something too? I bought a spray bottle at Dollar Tree, mixed up 1 part OLIVE OIL TO 4 parts water and sprayed it on my baking pan to bake some biscuits. They all stuck. If liquid lecithin keeps things from sticking, where do you buy this product. Why did my biscuits stick?

    1. This recipe is intended for use in cooking, not baking. I’ll update that in the post. Thank you for letting me know.

  4. Am I missing something? Tried your recipe and it was a fail for me. Foods(eggs) stuck terribly. Even went on-line to research alternatives and learned Liquid Lecithin +Vodka would work even better ( based on the concept that the Vodka evaporates and the lecithin provides a good non-stick barrier between the pan and food) Still a major fail. The Soy Lecithin left a horrible unappetizing brown gunk around the eggs. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? Perhaps I Should have prefaced my comment by saying I only cook using Corning Visions glass cookware because I don’t trust all the non-stick pan coatings currently on the market.

  5. If I use coconut oil would I use the same ratio as olive oil?

    Thanks in advance =}

    1. I am not sure how to answer. I think Coconut oil is a bit thicker than olive oil, so it may need more water to thin it enough to come out of the spray bottle. You may have to experiment. I have never used coconut oil. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Karen Janssen says:

    I use liquid lecithin plus olive oil. Lecithin is the active ingredient in Pam. Also, you don’t need a spray bottle. I use a pint jar with a hole in the lid to accommodate the handle of a silicon food brush and just swab it on the pan. Works better than Pam which, I think, has dropped the concentration of lecithin to the level where it is no longer as stick-free.

  7. I use Pampered Chef’s Spritz Can for my “Pam Spray”. I can use any type of oil I want and I know what’s in my spray now!

  8. Ooh, thank you. I bake a lot so I have to always have Pam on hand. This recipe will sure come in handy. Although, I do not use olive oil in my baking would this be a problem or could I substitute it for vegetable oil? Would it matter?

    1. I have used this on everything but my BBQ grill. It has not affected how anything cooks at all. And the clean up is easy!! I bet you could substitute vegetable oil but I have never tried it to know how it works!

      1. I mixed up some of this 1/4 cup veg oil to 3/4 c water, but was wondering how long will it last ? Will it get rancid if kept for a few weeks or month because of the water?

      2. How long will a batch last? Can you make a lot in advance?

    2. Do not use vegetable oil in place of olive oil. It leaves a gummy residue over time which will ruin your pan. I know this from experience. I wil only use olive oil, ghee, bacon fat, or lard (in a pinch) now.

      1. Great to know! Thanks, Olive oil is our mainstay!