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Photo Wheel DIY Easy Craft

Photo Wheel DIY  #christmas #giftgiving #DIY

This photo wheel is a great DIY project plus it makes a great personalized gift!! My daughter created this one for her college dorm room but this is a great craft to have the kids help make for grandparents this year for Christmas! I love that you can change out the photos easily! 

Supplies for the Photo Wheel:

  • Cardboard large enough to cut the size of the wheel you want
  • Spray paint
  • Photos
  • Clothes pin 

Directions for Photo Wheel: 

  • Cut your circle out of your cardboard.  We used to big bowls to create our large and small circle. 
  • Spray paint the color of your choice
  • Start gluing your clothes pin around the circle with the squeezing part on the circle.  Pre-place them we used super glue to place them onto the circle.
  • Place your picture around the wheel. 

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photo wheel progress photo

What is your favorite DIY craft for the holidays?? Be sure to follow us on-> Pinterest for more great ideas! 

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  1. This is such a cute idea! It’d be fun to do with Christmas cards! Thanks for sharing at #homemattersparty

  2. So cute!! My 10 year old would love one in her room too!!

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  4. Found this on Pinterest. I love the idea. I made one for my sister-in-law!