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Christmas Bows for Wreaths

Looking for the best Christmas bows for wreaths? Whether you have greenery or vines, there are bows perfect for your Christmas wreaths here.

Although Christmas trees play a big role on Christmas, wreaths are also equally important. This Christmas decor is the first thing that greets your guests and it also adds cheer and a festive vibe to any space. 

However, a Christmas wreath seems to be incomplete without an impressive and eye-catching bow. If you don’t have enough time to DIY one or you need plenty of bows for your Christmas decorations this year, this post has got you covered!

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Should bows be at the top or bottom of the wreath?

Traditionally, you can put the bow at the top but you can also place it at the bottom if you want. The placement of the bow will actually only depend on your preferences.

You can also try placing them at 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock angles for a change. There’s no right or wrong answer so you can be as creative as you want.

How big should a bow be on a wreath?

You can design your wreath with one large bow or at least three smaller size bows. If you are only using one bow, you should consider a bow with a size approximately half the width of your wreath or larger. 

Below you can find Christmas bows for wreaths that come in different designs and sizes. The biggest bows here measure about 24″ x 24″ while the smallest ones measure 3.5″ x 3.5″.

These bows will not only be useful for your Christmas wreaths but they’ll be a great addition to your other Christmas decorations as well. Scroll down a bit more and check them out below!

Christmas Bows for Wreaths

Large Christmas Bows for Outdoor Decoration

These large outdoor wreath bows are sturdy and can stand strong winds, rains, and snow. Whether you're aiming for a classic or rustic Christmas theme, there are plenty of options for you here.

Decorative Bows for Wreaths

Ideal for decorating wreaths as well as garlands, Christmas trees, gift boxes, railings, windows, and other spaces, these bows come in smaller sizes. If you have smaller Christmas wreaths, you might find the perfect bows for them here!

Getting ready for the holidays?

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If you still have time to DIY and you want to get the whole family involved, you can also try this super easy Christmas Bow Wreath Project!

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