Coffee Sugar Scrub

With summer coming to an end I need to start giving my feet some extra care. I tend to go barefoot as much as possible when it’s warm, so my poor feet take a beating.  Making Coffee Sugar Scrub was simple and only takes a few ingredients you probably have in the pantry.

Coffee Sugar Scrub that is easy to make at home. #DIY

All of the ingredients in this delightful scrub are edible, but I don’t recommend eating it. It smells delicious and reminds me of cool mornings and family gatherings. There’s just something about the smell of coffee that reminds me of home.

Coffee Sugar Scrub that is easy to make at home. #DIY

Coffee Sugar Scrub is made with coffee grounds (I used the grounds from our morning brew), cane sugar, sea salt and olive oil. I didn’t measure, I just made it to the consistency that felt right for me.

In a large bowl stir together, coffee, sugar and  sea salt. I only use a tiny bit of salt, because I didn’t want it to be too rough on my skin. Carefully add olive oil, one tablespoon at a time, until you get a consistency that will be good for you and your skin. Add a bit of vanilla extract for scent, totally optional.

Coffee Sugar Scrub that is easy to make at home. #DIY

Using Coffee Sugar Scrub made my feet feel wonderful! My heels and toes, loved it. You can easily use it in the shower.  Rub gently on skin areas where you want to address cellulite or need some exfoliating. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Your skin will feel silky and smooth.  Amazing!

Store your Coffee Sugar Scrub in an air tight container. If you want to make some to share, it makes a great gift! Coffee Sugar Scrub works well in glass jars or cute plastic containers. You can be proud to give your family and friends a gift that you tastefully crafted.





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