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Holiday Nutella Recipes

This collection of Holiday Nutella Recipes has something for everyone, from simple desserts to more elaborate creations.

The holidays are a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious food? Nutella is a classic holiday ingredient that can be used to create a variety of sweet treats, from cookies and cakes to pies and ice cream.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy snack or a special dessert to serve to guests, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe in this collection. From classic Nutella cookies to festive Nutella cheesecake, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So put on your apron and get ready to bake up some holiday cheer!

Nutella Cookies

Bring the flavor of Nutella to your next batch of sugar cookies. These are so delicious, and rather easy for a distinctly delicious option this holiday season.

Get the recipe: Nutella cookies.

Nutella Cheesecake

Adding nutella to creamy cheesecake is a brilliant idea. I know you are going to love this dessert after a holiday meal. Garnish with berries if you like, or add a little whipped cream!

Get the recipe: Nutella cheesecake.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Mix nutella into hot cocoa for the most indulgent way to warm up this holiday season. Add plenty of whipped cream and some crushed hazelnuts to the top of this for a sippable treat that everyone will enjoy.

Get the recipe: Nutella hot chocolate.

Nutella Red Velvet Poke Cake

This gorgeous red velvet cake has a decadent flavor of nutella mixed in. You will love the sweet flavor this cake brings to your holiday gatherings.

Get the recipe: Nutella red velvet poke cake.

Nutella Puppy Chow

This easy puppy chow recipe makes a great Christmas snack! Package it up in a pretty tin, or sit out a bowl so guests can munch and mingle. 

Get the recipe: Nutella puppy chow.

Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

These thumbprint cookies have the perfect blend of texture and smooth. The rich center of these thumbprint cookies is perfect for the holidays. If you take these to your cookie exchange you will absolutely come home with an empty plate. This recipe is also sugar free, so everyone can try them!

Get the recipe: Nutella thumbprint cookies.

Nutella Brownies

Stuff brownies with nutella for a really great treat that satisfies your sweet tooth in an indulgent fashion. This recipe is so rich and tasty but so easy to make at home.

Get the recipe: Nutella brownies.

Nutella Knots

Make these knots for breakfast or brunch this Christmas. They are flaky, decadent and best of all, no where near as complicated as you might expect.

Get the recipe: Nutella knots.

Chocolate Nutella Cake

This nutella cake is loaded with decadent chocolate flavor. Serve it for any occasion or event. Your family and friends will love the rich nutella flavor.

Get the recipe: Chocolate nutella cake.

Cupcakes with Nutella Filling

If you love nutella, you are going to want to make these cupcakes for the holidays. They have a rich, moist cake base with the most luscious nutella frosting. 

Get the recipe: Nutella cupcakes.

Nutella Tart

This tart is elegant, decadent and best of all, easy! You are going to love this after an indulgent holiday meal, but save the recipe to enjoy year round.

Get the recipe: Nutella Tart Recipe.

Nutella Buckeyes

Swap out the standard chocolate coating and incorporate nutella into your holiday buckeyes. This is such a delicious upgrade to a classic candy!

Get the recipe: Hazlenut Buckeye Holiday Treats.

Nutella No Bakes

These no bake cookies are made with nutella for a fantastic flavor update to a classic cookie. I know you will love the flavor this easy recipe brings to snack time.

Get the recipe: Nutella no bakes.

Nutella Reindeer

These holiday treats are almost too cute to eat. However, they are so tasty you are going to have to snack on them! This idea needs no baking and is so easy that the kids can help.

Get the recipe: Nutella reindeer cookies.

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  1. Amazing! Better than the store bought brands. Will be making these again and again.

    1. Thank you! These recipes are a grouping from other bloggers so you will have to contact the original publisher.

  2. Oh wow!!! My daughter will flip for some of these!!

  3. My middle daughter and her family are crazy over nutella, so having these recipes is going to be perfect for her!
    The ice cream is so pretty and I am sitting here on a hot Texas afternoon!
    Great to have you share your time with us at TOHOT!

  4. Oh man, you had me at Nutella! I can’t wait to make some of these recipes 🙂

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love Nutella so I am very happy to have all these different frozen recipes using it.

  6. Nutella S’mores??! Wow! I will absolutely have to try that for daughters and I! Thank you for compiling all of these wonderful recipes. I had NO idea you could do all of this!

  7. Judy Thomas says:

    My kids love this stuff. Got to admit it that I am not keen on it myself but they seem addicted to it.

  8. Nikita Mattes says:

    I am a Nutella addict, so thanks for this!!!

  9. I love making popsicles in the summer I want to try the Homemade Nutella Popsicles by Be What We Love!!

  10. Jessica Denny says:

    This is killing my diet, but I’m still bookmarking this page!