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Must Buy Items at Aldi

Must Buy Items At Aldi just2sisters.com

Aside from the mortgage the cost of food is the top expense in our budget. I clip coupons, watch for sales and have just recently started shopping at Aldi!!! I had never shopped there before because I assumed their quality was not as good. I am here to tell you, if you thought the same as me you are in for a total surprise! Aldi has really done a great job at revamping their image and their selection is so much more than I thought. So far everything we have tried has been amazing and I have been even more surprised to find a large selection or organics and gluten free items at prices I cannot find anywhere else. If you are looking for more ways to cut down your food budget here are some of the MUST buy items at Aldi you should look for next time you are out shopping.
Organics – Aldi always has a nice selection of organic produce. Often times they will already be packaged up for you. I especially love the price of their green peppers since they are half the price of our local grocery store. The Aldi produce department also has great deals on conventional produce so there are lots of deals to be had. The best thing about shopping at Aldi stores is that they not only guarantee their products they double guarantee them. If you aren’t satisfied they will replace the product and they will give you your money back!
Spices and Seasonings: Aldi is the only place I buy spices. I can find large bottles for only $.99!!! The flavor and quality is great.
Bottled Water: We go through a ton of this especially in the summer. You can pick up a case of 24 for around $2. This comes out to around a dime a bottle. Can’t beat that!
Baking Supplies: If you love to bake this is the place to go. You can find all kinds of baking cups, sprinkles, bagged nuts and dried fruits for 50% off or more grocery store prices. This is my go to place to stock up on holiday baking supplies.
Milk: Aldi has a great selection of regular and organic milk. I save at least $1 or more off each gallon when purchased at Aldi. My store carries gallons of regular milk for just $1.88.
Coffee: Coffee lovers this is the place to be! Aldi carries flavored and plain coffee for around $5 for a big bag.
Canned Goods: You can’t beat canned goods for only $.59!! I like to stock up on canned tomatoes and beans. I find these same items are $.99 for the generic brand at other stores.

Must Buy Items At Aldi just2sisters.com

The next time you are in Aldi be sure to give these MUST buy items at Aldi at try! I think you’ll enjoy that shrinking grocery bill. If you are on Weight Watchers check out these great shopping lists!

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  1. The only thing I have to say about purchasing from Aldi is make sure you check expiration dates especially on dairy items such as milk and yogurt!

    1. This is excellent advice for shopping at any grocery store! Important to keep an eye on those labels!!

  2. Shopped aldi’s since 1997. It has evolved with great items,great prices, Believe it or not, in 97, two hulking teen agers, a 7 year old, spouse,all the visitors. We are very well on 125$ , a month.. no prepared foods, all homemade bread, entrees, casseroles ,veggies, simple foods ,but wholesome.

  3. Aldi is a great choice for the budget without compromise on quality. In addition to what you already mentioned, eggs, yogurt and lactose free milk or almond milk are great and the prices can’t be beat anywhere. I also love the specialty foods for parties and holidays.

  4. I find their cold cut containers to be a perfect size, have great frozen edename, which are yummy. Non prepared frozen fish is convenient even at last minute preparation. They have great pasta, sauce, grains in perfect size packages. Many breads are a must buy. The canned mandarine oranges, peaches, pears, and pineapple are great and cheaper than competitive stores. I don’t buy prepared foods and never have a problem finding mostly what I need for meal planning. The frozen vegetables like peas and corn are the same,as the large stores. Not a big fan of consistent snack foods, but for sure check out the chips, etc. Even the condiments are good, along with the pickles and olives. I know Aldi’s has recently expanded food items and I enjoy trying something new! I love walking out of the store knowing that I am not being fleeced by the big stores! Try it….a win-win for sure!

  5. You forgot the German chocolates, apfelstrudel and protein bars????

  6. Thanks for the tips! We have an Aldi now but I rarely go…I need to give it another try! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays

  7. Hi Meagen, I like Aldi’s cottage cheese. I’m not sure of the price but it tastes great! I also buy their canned pumpkin because I like to keep canned pumpkin on hand year round. Thanks for your post! Blessings, Janet