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Sweet Potato Recipe Collection

This sweet potato recipe collection will give you lots of ideas to try. Sweet potatoes are versatile and the perfect healthy choice for any meal. You should be able to pick up your favorite sweet potato variety at the market any time you like.

You will find that sweet potatoes store well and aren’t just for Thanksgiving meals! You can make a sweet potato casserole or any other recipe anytime. Add your favorite sweet potato recipe to the menu plan and enjoy a delicious dish full of nutrition.

Each sweet potato recipe in the list will surely add a new element to the dinner menu.

tasty sweet potato recipe collection

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Recommended tools for sweet potato recipes

Cooking sweet potato recipes can be a breeze with the right tools. Here are some recommended cooking tools that can make preparing sweet potato dishes easier and more efficient:

  1. Vegetable peeler: A sharp vegetable peeler is essential for peeling sweet potatoes quickly and easily.
  2. Chef’s knife: A high-quality chef’s knife makes chopping, slicing, and dicing sweet potatoes a breeze.
  3. Baking sheet: A large baking sheet is perfect for roasting sweet potatoes in the oven.
  4. Immersion blender: An immersion blender can make pureeing sweet potatoes for soups or mashes a quick and easy task.
  5. Air fryer: An air fryer is a great tool for making crispy sweet potato fries or roasted sweet potatoes without the need for oil.
  6. Slow cooker: A slow cooker can be a convenient tool for making sweet potato stews, casseroles, or chili, allowing you to set it and forget it.

Having these tools on hand can make preparing sweet potato recipes more enjoyable and efficient, allowing you to create delicious and nutritious dishes with ease.

More side dishes to try

Sweet Potato Recipe Collection

In this collection, we've gathered some of the best sweet potato recipes from around the world, including classic comfort foods and modern twists on traditional dishes. You'll find recipes for roasted sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, casseroles, pies, and much more.

What is your favorite sweet potato recipe?

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  1. Wow! I love sweet potatoes and some new recipes are always welcome. I really want to try the sweet potato kale pizza!