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Best Weight Watchers Breakfast Bars

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Breakfast or protein bars are the super snacks we can always trust during our weight loss journey, busy mornings, long travels, hiking adventures, and hectic days in the office. But if you are currently doing Weight Watchers, do you know which Weight Watchers breakfast bars are the best for you?

You can find lots of breakfast bars on the market, after all, it has become a diet staple in the US. They come in different brands and flavors, it’s very understandable if you are confused about which ones to choose. 

Worry no more! To help you stick to your SmartPoints budget, I’ve rounded up some of the healthiest and tastiest Weight Watchers breakfast bars for you to choose from! I’ve also included their SmartPoints on all of the three myWW+ plans so you don’t have to spend too much time looking at the nutritional labels and calculating points (which I know can be super overwhelming!)

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Are Breakfast Bars Important for a Healthy Diet?

Yes. Especially if you really have no time to eat a full meal. Grabbing a bite of a nutritious breakfast bar is much better than letting yourself starve. 

Breakfast and protein bars are handy. You can bring them anywhere (office, mountains, plane, — literally wherever you go), and it will keep your hungry and grumbling stomach in check whenever you need a quick meal solution. 

The only problem is choosing the right bar, especially if you are doing Weight Watchers and you are worried about your SmartPoints budget.

Are Breakfast Bars Allowed for Weight Watchers?

Sure. Why not? As WW always says, “No foods are forbidden.” But of course, you need to be mindful about what breakfast or protein bars you’re going to choose. 

Aside from being loaded with sugar, fats, and carbohydrates, some protein bars also contain a lot of sweeteners. If you are not careful, this might cost you several SmartPoints.

And that’s why this list is here to help! Although there are some not-so-good protein bars, there are still a lot of brands that give you protein and breakfast on the go options with an excellent balance of fats, carbohydrates, and protein!

Feeling hungry? Let’s go and grab a bite of these delicious breakfast bars!

Weight Watchers Breakfast Bars with 5 or Less myWW+ SmartPoints

Want to save as many SmartPoints as possible? These Weight Watchers breakfast bars have no higher than 5 SmartPoints on all of the new myWW+ plans! 

Weight Watchers Breakfast Bars with 6 and Above SmartPoints

If you still have plenty of SmartPoints left, you might want to try these delicious breakfast bars that cost a bit more in terms of points. Sometimes the sacrifice is worth it. You can have a little more satisfying experience with your breakfast bars when you choose these more point-heavy options. 

What’s Your Favorite WW Breakfast bar?

Make sure you let us know if there are any that we missed! We’d love to add your current favorites to our list for others to try. When it comes to Weight Watchers breakfast bars you can never have too many delicious options! 

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