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Weight Watchers 1 Point Snacks | myWW+ Update

Weight Watchers snacks can be prepared in advance. Having Weight Watchers snacks ready to throughout the week will keep you on the right track.

Just a quick note. Though this post was originally put together based on the original Weight Watchers plan, we’ve since updated to give you the info based on the myWW+ Smart Points system.

This plan has three color-coded versions so you’ll need to scroll down until you get to your plan and those will be the snacks that are 1 point on your particular program!

Pin showing a variety of weight watchers 1 point snacks with title across the. middle.

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Are these Weight Watchers snacks 1 Freestyle Smart Point? 

Everything under the Blue Plan heading are all Weight Watchers snacks that are 1 Freestyle Smart Point! 

Since updating to the new program, myWW+, Weight Watchers considers the old Freestyle plan to be the same as the blue plan which is kind of the middle of the road option with myWW+.

Why should I plan for 1 Point snacks? 

If you have started using Weight Watchers to help get control of your diet, then these Weight Watchers 1 Smart Point snacks are sure to be needed.

One of the best ways to tackle a new food management system is to be prepared with healthy, easy to use ideas that will give you the flavors and textures you love without the calories and fat.

These snacks are some obvious choices and also some great items you might not have thought to include in your plan. I like to prep snacks in advance so all I have to do is grab and go throughout the week.

How do I work snacks into my daily meal plan? 

I usually have a snack between meals. So I have one mid morning before lunch, one after lunch but before dinner, and sometimes after dinner before bed. It depends how many points I have left in my daily block but that is my typical strategy for snacks. 

Snacks like these that are just 1 Smart Point are great because I know they won’t set me back drastically on my daily or weekly points.

pretzel sticks.

Having healthy snacks on hands means I can stay full and focused without sacrificing tons of points. 

With most of these snack ideas you can add them to your free point offerings on any plan. Whipped topping with fruit, ranch with veggies, tortillas with fresh veggie salsa, etc.

Have a little more wiggle room in your snacking budget? These 20 Weight Watchers Snacks are all 3 points or less, options for all three plans!

Weight Watchers 1 Point Snacks For Blue Plan:

Roasted chickpeas (recipe here)

Light Mozzarella String Cheese: 1 Portion

Oreo Thins: 1 Cookie

Babybel Mini Light: 1 Cheese

Graham Crackers: 1 Square

Saltine Crackers: 4 Crackers

Mulitgrain Crackers: 2 Crackers

WASA Crisp & Light Crackerbread: 1 Pieces

Progresso Light Soups: 1 Cup of Most Flavors

Dannon Light& Fit Yogurt: 2oz Most Flavors

Oscar Mayer Oven Roasted Turkey Breast: 4 Oz

2 Egg Omelette with Veggies and 1/8 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Grilled Shrimp with 1 Tsp Olive Oil

Fat Free Cool Whip: 2 TBSP (great with fruit)

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter: 2 Tablespoons Powder

Applegate Uncured Turkey Pepperoni: 1 Oz

Fat Free Flour Tortilla: 1 6” Tortilla

Puffed Rice Cereal: 1/2 Cup

Almonds: 7 Almonds

Almond Milk, Plain, Unsweetened: 8 Oz Glass

Weight Watchers 1 Point Snacks on Purple Plan:

Roasted chickpeas (recipe here)

20 Mini Pretzel Sticks

Graham Crackers, 1 square

Turkey Pepperoni, 15 slices

Flour Tortilla, 1/2 medium

Creamy peanut butter, 1 Teaspoon

Healthy Choice Power Dressing, Ranch, 1 Tablespoon

7 Almonds

Lite Whipped Topping, 2 Tablespoons

3 Ounces Grilled Shrimp

Wasa Crispbread, 1 Slice (multiple varieties)

Mini Saltine Crackers, 12 crackers

Light Mozzarella String Cheese, 1 Portion

Puffed Rice Cereal, 1/2 Cup

Dannon Light and Fit Variety Yogurts, 1/2 Container

Progresso Light Soups, 1 Cup most varieties

Roasted Turkey Breast Lunch Meat, 1 Slice

creamy peanut butter on a spoon.

Weight Watchers 1 Point Snacks for Green Plan:

Roasted Turkey Lunch Meat, 1 Ounce

Puffed Rice Cereal, 1/2 Cup

Progresso Light Soups, Multiple Varieties, 1 Cup

Starkist Tuna Creations Ranch Pouch, 1 Pouch

Mini Pretzel Sticks, 25 Sticks

Wasa Crispbread, 1 Slice

Saltine Crackers, 4 Crackers

Dry Roasted Almonds, 7 Nuts

Grilled Shrimp, 3 Ounces

PB2 Original Peanut Butter, 2 Tablespoons

Turkey Pepperoni, 15 Slices

Hard Boiled Eggs, 1/2 Egg

Light Whipped Topping, 2 Tablespoons

Tortilla Chips, 4 Chips

Graham Crackers, 1 Square

The serving sizes show in this list are equal to 1 Smart Point. I have found that sometimes the recommended serving size is more than 1 point but also more than I really need in a serving. 

Weight Watchers has taught me many things and portion control is one of the big ones! Just because the packaging gives a recommended serving size that doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy portion size and it also doesn’t mean that’s how much you must eat!

If you adjust the portion sizes or eat based on the packaging make sure to recalculate to see how many points need to track. The myWW app is a great resource to keep on your phone for when you need a snack on the go as well!

How did you come up with these serving sizes and points? 

Good question! I use the Weight Watchers online calculator and app! They both have a very useful search function that allows me to search for the foods I want to eat and then adjust the portion until I see that it’s 1 point (or my desired points). 

Sometimes different brands of products have different points. If you are worried about calculating your points I would suggest you make use of the WW app and the online program. It’s a wonderful way to keep on track and focused on your goals. 

Plus, now when you use the app or the online program to track your meals, weight, and activity you get points that you can redeem for products and gift cards! You can learn more about the Wellness Wins program in my post all about it! 

graham crackers

Can I eat just from the zero points food list? 

Now that Freestyle offers so many different zero point foods it can seem like you aren’t eating a lot of points in a day. I’d recommend adding in some healthy fats. Some avocado to your salads, olive oil when cooking your proteins, etc. 

You can certainly try to eat from the zero or 1 point foods lists but it won’t work in the long run. You need to be eating in the healthy point range established when you fill out the first part of your WW evaluation. 

Staying in the healthy range each day will help optimize your plan. You need to use some common sense when planning your meals and eating your foods each day.

A healthy balance of each food group will help you achieve the best results. That is how Weight Watchers structures their points and in turn it will help you learn to balance your intake of certain food groups.

Carbs, fats, and unhealthy options are going to have higher point values so those will naturally be limited in your diet or you will run out of points! 

string cheese for a 1 point weight watchers snack

What else can I have on my Weight Watchers plan? 

Along with these Weight Watchers 1 point snacks, you can also create tons of fun recipes with low fat items to stay within your point range each day.

This list offers you some great easy to make or ready made options you can pack for snacks and lunch throughout your day at work, school or simply at home with your family.

Staying on track with your Weight Watchers diet is easy when you are prepared. Planning ahead, especially before you go grocery shopping, will help you stay focused and on track.

I have found over the years that if I have good snacks on hand, front and center in the fridge and the cupboards, I will make better choices! 

Looking for more great Weight Watchers posts?

I have been part of the Weight Watchers world on and off for many years. I like that it offers me flexibility without the stress of cutting out entire food groups. 

Here is a handy post with a list of to help keep you on track  WW Zero Point Foods to help keep you on track.

As I’ve worked my way through the program and the many updates these are the resources that I have found most useful. Plenty of amazing recipes to try, printable shopping lists, and even fast food choices with points included! 

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  1. Sherry Cefalo says:

    I am having a hard time eating my 30 points each day. At night I find myself looking for snacks to come close to my points. I usually eat between 24 to 28 points each day. Will this slow my weight loss down?

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for stopping by. Yes your weight loss may be affected if you aren’t eating all of your points. When this happened to me, I bumped up my protein and it helped. Hard boiled eggs, string cheese, imitation crab legs, beef jerky, tuna are all things I snack on. Even though they are low in points they help me get all of my points each day. I hope that helps! Best, Michele

  2. I am having trouble staying away from carbs. Does WW have a different plan for a low carb diet?

    1. Truthfully, most of the Smartpoints options are low carb and they emphasize protein. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. If you ate only fruit and veg. you will be hungary you need to add a protien with that.

  4. N Ow your talking, was on old wwfor some time, lost the wcight I needed too and wasn’t ever hungry. With the smart points I’m somewhat disgusted. Think I’ll go back to the old ww.

  5. I’m glad for dome continued support of the old system. Thank you!

  6. thanks for the list. I too follow the old weight watchers points program. The PPV does not work for me. For some reason I stay really hungry even though I can eat as any fruits and veggies as I want.

  7. I like my dessert, and every evening I have sugar free Jello and Cool Whip Light. Fruit smoothies are also big on my list, especially for breakfast. A little ice, a tablespoon of fat free yogurt and some blueberries, strawberries or pineapple. Yum.

  8. This isn’t accurate. I just re-joined WW, and the points system has definitely changed! There are no tortillas or cereal for 1 point…among other inaccuracies!

    I will say, I’m loving the new program!

    1. Thanks for the input. These snack ideas are from the original old school WW program. The new PPV program is definitely different.

      1. KS Kansas says:

        I still follow the old program so this was good for me!

        1. I agree. The old WW point system is easy for me. I “graze” all day long & am never hungry! Love the bonus points each week… I even allow myself Dairy Queen now and then & am still losing weight. Started at 165 in April, and am now at 139 in July!

          1. Awesome

      2. Penny Curtis says:

        Hi, I havent been to W.W in about 6-7 years. can you tell me which point system that would be? I still have all the material, so maybe i could blend it with yours…:)

        1. Hi Penny, This list was from 2014 so it was the Points Plus system. I have some updated SmartPoints on the blog, too. Thank you!

      3. Veronica James-Leach says:

        Hi I just joined yesterday and this new smart plus is very confusing from the old days of WW…any advice would be appreciated❤️

    2. Ugh agree ! Need to becareful of older post!

    3. Rainbow Balint says:

      There are 1 pt tortillas made by OLE. You can find them at Target and Dollar General!