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English Muffin Recipes for Weight Watchers

Looking for tasty and on-the-go breakfast or brunch recipes that won’t ruin your Weight Watchers plan? Why not try some of these Weight Watchers English muffin recipes? English muffins are just so versatile — you can make pizzas, strata, and sandwiches out of them!

Many people choose English muffins over bread because they are slightly lower in calories and a good source of calcium. Whole-wheat English muffins are also ideal for different weight watchers recipes because aside from being simple and delicious, it’s healthy and weight-watcher-friendly as well!

If you want to level up your breakfast, you would never go wrong with these Weight Watchers English Muffin recipes! I’ve included each recipe’s updated weight watchers points on each plan so you’ll be able to easily choose the best WW English muffins recipe perfect for you!

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What Type of English Muffins is best for Weight Watchers?

Like I’ve said earlier, 100% whole wheat English muffins are Weight Watchers’ best choice. However, some recipes also use light, multigrain, or oat bran English muffins. In most cases you can use the type of english muffin that you prefer for the recipe it won’t impact the overall result. 

English muffins nutrition data varies based on the brand. Some of the most famous English muffins are from Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Nature’s Own, and Pepperidge Farm. These English Muffins are all delicious and have a maximum of 120-140 calories and 200mg of sodium. 

Each of the recipes included in this list has a recommended English muffin choice, so you’ll have a reference of what English muffins suit your recipe the most but you can always use the ones that suit your plan on Weight Watchers best too! 

Can I Make My Own English Muffins?

Of course! If you have the time, you certainly can make your own English muffins! 

A homemade whole wheat English muffin will need ingredients such as ground flaxseed meal, regular butter, whole wheat all purpose flour, yellow cornmeal, yeast, sugar, water, and table salt. This English muffins recipe is 5 points on all of the three myWW+ plans. 

Whether you make your own English muffins or not, these Weight Watchers English muffin recipes are a must-try to take your breakfast to a whole new level! 

If you make your own muffins for these Weight Watchers English muffin recipes you’ll have a great base for any type of culinary creation. 

WW English Muffin Recipes with 5 points and below SmartPoints

Don’t have many SmartPoints left? Fret not! Here are some of the best Weight Watchers English muffin recipes with 5 points or less on the myWW+ plans!

WW English Muffin Recipes with 6 SmartPoints and Up

Got some SmartPoints to spare? Indulge in a mouthwatering breakfast with these weight-watcher-friendly recipes that have just a few more myWW+ points in each serving. 

Some WW English Muffin Recipes Recommended Products

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  • Organic 100% Whole Wheat Flour

Which WW English Muffin Recipes is Your Favorite?

Which of these Weight Watchers English muffin recipes was your favorite?! If you know we missed a great one link it below so we can add it for others to try! 

We’d love to hear how you prepare your favorite Weight Watchers breakfast sandwiches in advance to help keep healthy options on hand even during those extra busy days. 

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