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Weight Watchers Meal Replacement Bars

Weight Watchers Friendly Meal Replacement Bars

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For many people using one of these Weight Watchers Meal Replacement Bars are a key to success. For busy days on the go it is important to have something filling that is also nutritionally sound. Not all meal replacement bars are equal, and reality is they are not as good for you as nutrient dense veggies and fruits would be. However, if you need a boost of energy and some nutrients but can’t manage a traditional meal these are far better for you than a classic candy bar. Most meal replacement products include extra protein and vitamins to help you get what you need. While they may also contain sugars and lots of carbs, the extra healthier benefits make them a wiser choice over a candy bar.

Best Weight Watchers Meal Replacement Bars:

When looking for an energy or meal replacement bar you want to consider a few things before simply grabbing from the shelf.

  • High protein content
  • Limited or lower sugar content
  • High in antioxidants

Our Favorite Bars for Flavor and Quality:

  • Cliff Bars – 4 to 5 Points Plus
  • Special K Protein Bars (Chocolate, Strawberry & Honey Almond) – 5 Points Plus
  • Nature Valley Protein Plus Chew Bar – 5 Points Plus
  • Luna Protein Bars – 4 to 5 Points Plus
  • Rickland Orchards All Natural Greek Yogurt Bars – 4 to 5 Points Plus
  • 5th Element Energy Bars – 6 to 7 Points Plus

A meal replacement bar should be used to substitute the energy and calories you need to get to your next meal. They shouldn’t be used as your only source of nutrition every day.

Your body needs a large mix of nutrients, but also various sources of fiber to work properly. While meal replacement bars are great choices on occasion, they should not be used every day for every meal.

Using them as a choice for breakfast alongside some fresh fruit and plenty of water is great. Eating only Weight Watchers meal replacement bars three times a day is not a good plan.

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I like these Meal replacement bars because I can take them with me, and when I am busy, I can eat one and know that I am getting good nutrition. So much better than grabbing for the donut!

  2. I like having bars like this when I’m on the go all day.

  3. David Fultner says:

    Protien is the key.