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The Easiest Healthy Banana Pudding

When it comes to making banana pudding you don’t have to stick to the traditional recipe, you can try healthy banana pudding. This version has lightened up ingredients but still tastes delicious and indulgent. Make sure to try out all of these yummy Weight Watchers Cool Whip Recipes!

Pin showing the finished healthy banana pudding recipe with title across the middle.

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Serving Low Fat Banana Pudding

This WW-friendly banana pudding recipe is easy to make and so delicious the whole family will love it. It is definitely a healthy banana recipe I recommend! Serve this low-calorie banana pudding at parties or make it to enjoy any time of the year.

This is the best part. Your banana pudding parfaits will look great no matter how you serve them. Sometimes I like a recipe that is adorable and perfectly cute for parties or events and on other occasions roll around I just can’t spare the extra time.

The great thing about these healthy banana pudding cups is that they are perfect every time. You can even let each person individualize their own dessert cup or even take them on the go.

You could easily layer the recipe in a large bowl or trifle dish and scoop out each serving. No rules. It’s up to you!

Featured image showing the finished healthy banana pudding ready to eat

Healthier Banana Pudding

Are you always on the hunt for delicious Weight Watchers-friendly dessert recipes?! Me too! I hate when a craving strikes and I can’t find something that is both satisfying and low in points. 

If you enjoy a classic banana pudding parfait, this healthy banana pudding recipe is for you!

My Weight Watchers-inspired banana pudding recipe is lightened up and easy to make. The whole family loves these little banana parfaits, they have all the flavors of a classic banana pudding recipe but they’re lighter and healthier. 

close up view of the finished WW healthy banana pudding ready to share.

Low calorie banana pudding recipe ingredients 

You’ll need the following (you can find the exact amounts in the recipe card). It’s just a couple of really easy-to-find ingredients, usually, I keep most of these things on hand so that should the craving strike I can whip up a batch of these tasty little banana puddings. 

  • Fat-Free Vanilla Pudding Cook and Serve (Sugar-free boxes are less than an ounce but the 4 serving size)
  • Low Fat Milk (or adjust to box directions)
  • Fat-Free Whipped Topping, Divided
  • Large Bananas, Ripe, Chopped
  • Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafers, Crushed
ingredients laid out ready to be used for healthy banana pudding

Is this a WW banana pudding recipe? 

Yes! This Weight Watchers banana pudding recipe has been calculated with the Weight Watchers App and is WW-friendly, but it’s also a recipe for anyone to enjoy. This delicious dessert is only 3 points per serving on the WW plan.

WW Courtesy Point Calculation

  • Be sure to calculate the points value of the foods and recipes you eat in the app.
  • Always add ingredients and serving sizes and don’t rely on the nutrition facts in the recipe.
  • Accuracy will come from the information you input on the app.

The best way to get the most up-to-date information is to put the recipe into the recipe creator. You don’t want to track the points for each individual ingredient, use the WW app or website to create a custom recipe and then add in the servings you will be doling out and it will tell you the points.

Is Banana Pudding Healthy?

All food is meant to fuel your body. Some foods just contain more fat and sugar than others and should be enjoyed in moderation. It’s up to you to determine what is healthy for you.

One of the complaints we have seen a lot with this recipe is that it’s not “healthy” this is not health food like quinoa or steamed veggies, of course, it’s not…it’s dessert. This banana pudding is healthier for you than a traditional recipe which would have nearly double the fat and calories and a boatload more sugar.

You can reduce the calories and fat in this recipe even further by omitting the crushed cookie toppings and by using fat-free milk or lactose-free milk. Milk alternatives will cause the pudding to be runny.

a look at the finished healthy banana pudding

How to make healthy banana pudding:

Prepare pudding according to box directions using low-fat milk. You can use no-fat milk but expect a thinner pudding.

pudding being prepared

Chill until set then fold in 2 cups of low-fat or sugar-free whipped topping.

adding pudding and whipped cream being combined.

Use 1/3 cup banana and 1 1/2 Tbsp pudding in alternating layers (2 sets of each) Chill until ready to serve. (Don’t wait too long or your bananas will start to brown.)

piping the pudding mixture into the parfait cups

Top with 1 Tbsp whipped topping and 1 crushed wafer before serving. 

Finished parfait ready to eat

Overall this is a great choice for low fat, low points, low-calorie treat! The entire family will love it and no one will notice you’ve lightened up the banana pudding ingredients. 

a view of the finished banana pudding parfait ready to eat

Do I use Instant Pudding for this recipe? 

Yes! You can use instant pudding. Just remember you will have to let the pudding set completely and not use the quick directions you find on the box.

Instant pudding can sometimes be less firm and not hold up well to layering.  Feel free to use cooked or instant pudding. Whichever you prefer.

a banana pudding ready to be enjoyed with a spoonful ready to eat

Do you have any other recipes like this banana pudding easy dessert?

I have a lot of tasty recommendations for you in the Weight Watchers dessert category. Check out some of my favorites: 

finished banana puddings ready to eat

Printable Easy Healthy Banana Pudding Recipe:

Featured image showing the finished healthy banana pudding ready to eat

Healthy Banana Pudding Recipe

Yield: 16 Servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Weight Watchers banana pudding recipe is easy to make and so delicious the whole family will love it. An indulgent healthy banana pudding recipe, low in points! 


  • 2 Boxes (small), Fat Free Vanilla Pudding Cook and Serve (Sugar free boxes are less than an ounce but the 4 serving size)
  • 4 Cups Low Fat Milk (or adjust to box directions)
  • 3 Cups Fat Free Whipped Topping, Divided
  • 10 Large Bananas, Ripe, Chopped
  • 16 Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafers, Crushed


  1. Prepare pudding according to box directions using low-fat milk. Chill until set then fold in 2 cups of whipped topping.
  2. Makes 16 9 oz parfaits. Layer in 9 oz cups or parfait glasses.
  3. Use 1/3 of a large banana, sliced and 1 1/2 Tbsp pudding in alternating layers (2 sets of each)
  4. Chill until ready to serve. (Don't wait too long or your bananas will start to brown.)
  5. Top with 1 Tbsp whipped topping and 1 crushed wafer before serving. 


4 Freestyle Smart Points per serving. 

Nutrition Information
Yield 16
Amount Per Serving Calories 129Saturated Fat 1gCholesterol 4mgSodium 54mgCarbohydrates 26gFiber 2gSugar 14gProtein 2g

This recipe is not endorsed by Weight Watchers. Points were calculated with the WW app using ingredients as a courtesy. Please do your own calculations for ensured accuracy. Calculating points using nutrition info in this post is not recommended.

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  1. Since it makes so much, could these be frozen? Just curious. Also, how long do you think they would hold up in the fridge? This looks so yummy- i want it right now! Thank you for sharing and helping those of us who need yummy WW recipes. The rest of these negative comments are just ridiculous people with nothing better to do than complain and can only fill their lives with negativity. So, do not let their darkness put put your light!

    1. I am sure you could freeze, but when you thaw it may become watery. Not sure. I’ve frozen pudding in the past. Keep them 3 months tops in the freezer. Thanks!

  2. 16 servings is a ridiculous amount of pudding. Would be a great recipe for 4 servings. Defeats the purpose of having a dessert.

    1. Thanks for your insight, but putting it in 16 servings is what keeps the points low. So 16 it is for us!

  3. Barb Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for this yummy sounding recipe! I’m a little confused and am sorry to ask this question. You said not to use instant pudding mix but we don’t cook the pudding mix, is this right? You prepare it like the instant only you use the cook & serve…right? Thank you for your help!! I can’t wait to make it!

    1. Prepare pudding according to box directions using low-fat milk. Chill until set then fold in 2 cups of whipped topping. The box tells you to cook, so that is correct. You definitely need to cook the cook pudding. THANKS!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I agree with earlier comments, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I plan on making this tomorrow.

  5. I love this recipe, I’m a muncher maybe I will be able to nibble on this, lol lol or maybe not. Do you have a recipe for banana split. Thank you,

  6. Tanya gallier says:

    Shame on you people for being rude. Thank you for sharing this recipe. And the title is fine. Its healthier than a regular banana pudding..i can’t wait to make it.

  7. Cheryl Murray says:

    I, for one, cannot wait to try this recipe. I love banana pudding. I just joined WW and am in the green program. Does anyone know if that will change the points. Thanks so much for this recipe!!

    1. We will actually be updating with new points as the 2021 changes take place again. Stay tuned for more on that! Thanks Cheryl!

  8. Christine Zwicke says:

    Thank you for taking the time, effort and thought to give us this yummy treat! I needed to say I agree with Lisa Janeway’s earlier comment…it’s disappointing that folks feel the need to be critical of someone else’s efforts to share goodness. Please know the rest of us in the WW community very much appreciate you, Michelle!

  9. How long does it take for the vanilla pudding to set? Its been in the fridge for an hour and still watery. I used 2 3ounce boxes with 4 cups of almond milk.

    1. Hi, I found this on the Walmart website about making the pudding – Fat-free, 1% low-fat or lactose-free milk can also be used but may result in a softer set. Do not use prepared nonfat dry milk or soy milk – pudding will not set. On Amazon I saw that if you use almond milk it’s only 1 1/4 cups vs 2 cups of dairy milk. Sorry for that. I’ve never used non-dairy milk for the recipe.

  10. So excited to try this recipe! We’re doing it for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Even bought special glasses to put it in.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving. I am making this too, but in a big bowl, not enough small glasses. I am thankful you took the time to comment.

  11. Lisa Janeway says:

    I just can’t get over how many people take the time to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK?! If it’s not for you or you think there are too many bananas, great. Spare the world (and your own psyche!) your negative energy and SIMPLY MOVE ON. I, for one, am grateful to bloggers like you, Michelle, who put great stuff out there in the webiverse for people like me to find! I just started back up with WW and live banana pudding. This will be a go-to!! Bless you….and ignore those haters. ????

      1. Shari Giarraputo says:

        I agree. Thanks for taking time to share your recipes

    1. I agree! Looks like an awesome recipe!!

  12. What do you mean by “folding “?

    1. Folding is when you use a rubber spatula or spoon and gently fold or stir in. You don’t need a lot of beating or mixing. Thanks for checking.

  13. Carrie. Myers says:

    I made this yesterday. My family loved it. My son said it’s amazing. I like the low points. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  14. Michelle THX for this yummy treat recipe!

  15. Thanks for the recipe- it looks delicious and I’m going to try making it today!

  16. 10 LARGE BANANAS???? Really???? Holy cow, I’ve made banana puddings for 40 years, and even own my own from-scratch home baking business, and I have NEVER used that many, nor have I chopped them. Not getting a good feeling in general about this recipe. Moving on.

    1. Thanks for moving on. Obviously, this isn’t your kind of recipe since you already make your own. That many bananas because it’s a WW recipe so more fruit the better!

      1. AMEN and it’s Free

    2. Why not scroll on ? So negative to this lovely lady who is trying to share.

  17. While this looks yummy and is certainly a good points choice, you should really rename the recipe and remove the word “healthy”. Sugar free pudding, whipped topping and vanilla wafers are loaded with lots of “not healthy” ingredients. Not trying to dis your recipe, as I indulge in not so healthy stuff from time to time. Just is not healthy.

  18. Looking at directions I was confused. You said to use 2 boxes of pudding and 2 cups of milk but you said to follow instructions on package. Doing that contradicts the amount of milk you’re supposed to use, since the directions on pudding package call for 2 cups of milk per package You also mention 3 cups of Cool Whip divided but only to add 2 cups into the mix

    1. Thanks for catching the milk mistake. It’s 4 cups milk and prepare as directed. You fold in 2 cups of Cool Whip and then use the remaining cup as the topping. The remaining one cup should yield approx 16 TBSP.

      1. I’ve been making this for nearly 30 years! No one can tell the difference!

  19. JoN FISCHER says:

    I am a WW member & this recipe is 6 Freestyle points per serving not 4. Please update your information

    1. It’s 4 points. I am not sure what you calculated, but the same recipe is on the WW app too. Thanks

      1. Thank you for sharing I am taken back by some of the comments on here!

      2. Thanks for sharing your recipe! My 12 yr old found it and made it herself. She was sad how people picked on you for trying to help us all succeed! Thanks for putting up with us. Hugs and prayers
        FYI it was great!