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Weight Watchers PersonalPoints™ Thanksgiving Meal Tips

Since everyone’s point allotment is now different and personalized, here are a few quick and easy PersonalPoints™ Thanksgiving Meal Tips that will work for all.  

Gone are the days of finding zero point food lists and recipes that you know are zero points for you, too.

Since everyone’s point allotment is now different and personalized, here are a few quick and easy The PersonalPoints™ assessment changed all of that. Depending on how you answered each question determines how your point system works.

It’s unlikely you’ll find someone that answered every single question exactly like you did. Therefore, beware of those new “lists” out there and check your own app or online program for point accuracy.

Turkey on a plate. Sweet potatoes sliced. Decorative image.

What do you eat for Thanksgiving on Weight Watchers?

Stick to turkey breast. Baked will be best. If the breast was prepared with the skin on, remove it before eating. If you are making your own turkey, use seasonings and lemon juice to bring out the flavors. 

Mashed potatoes can be prepared with fat-free chicken or turkey broth instead of milk. If you are using whole fat dairy on the WW PersonalPoints™ plan, whole milk, evaporated milk or cream will still work. 

If you chose sweet potatoes for your free food, Thanksgiving may just become your favorite holiday. Try to use sweet potato recipes without a lot of added sugars. A baked sweet potato is full of nutrition and is absolutely delicious. Skip the added butter and use some plain cinnamon or nutmeg if you’d like to try something different. Roasted sweet potatoes would and mashed sweet potatoes can also be a good choice. 

Fill Up on Non Starchy Vegetables

Instead of vegetables packed with sauces and canned soup, try roasting carrots, beets, squash or brussels sprouts. Roasting your vegetables brings out all of the natural flavors and makes a great side dish on the Thanksgiving table. I alway use less oil than the recipe calls for and have never roasted a vegetable I didn’t like. You can even use an air fryer to make your vegetables.

Salad greens can help you control  portions and feel fuller longer. A plate of salad with lots of other fresh vegetables is a great choice during holiday meals. You could even make most of your meal salad and top it with cooked turkey and roasted vegetables for a Thanksgiving meal that won’t break your points bank. 

A view into the bowl of finished air fryer Brussels sprouts.

PersonalPoints™ Bread and Desserts Ideas

Cranberry sauce can be prepared with sugar alternatives, like stevia or Swerve. If your recipe calls for jello, try the sugar free varieties.  You only need a tablespoon or two of cranberries on your plate, to make the meal, so choose portion sizes wisely. 

Bread and rolls is going to be another food that there aren’t great substitutes for. Choosing whole grain bread is definitely something to consider. White flours are where so many points will come from. Again, choose wisely. Skipping bread and eating more vegetables or salad is always a better choice. 

Dessert is a different story. Most desserts are packed with sugar and fat, but you can eat anything you like and just track those points. The best thing about Weight Watchers if you get to make the decisions that fit your lifestyle and eating habits. 

There are many commercially prepared Weight Watchers sweet treats or if you can make some of your own desserts with lighter ingredients. Greek yogurt or plain yogurt can be sweetened with fresh fruit for a tasty dessert option. Frozen yogurt comes in sugar -free varieties, too. 

Baked apples could be another option, too! 

A delicious view of the finished baked apples for Weight Watchers.

How do you survive Thanksgiving on Weight Watchers?

Drink your water. Not only will you earn extra points for hydrating, but you less chance of overeating if you keep your water bottle close by. 

Move your body. You’re probably going to be doing some kind of food prep, house cleaning or shopping during the holidays, take advantage of that time and move your body. Add a few extra steps to each task, park farther away from the stores, and dance around the kitchen. 

WW App on iPhone | how to make tracking easier with voice commands

Track, track, track! I cannot say that enough. Your food intake, water intake, and all activity has a place on your app or online program. Writing it down and getting it out of your head can help you see the whole big picture. 

No matter what you decide to eat this Thanksgiving, remember all food is good food. Food powers your body. Whatever you choose to put in your body is all up to you! Eat and enjoy your food!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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